A Woman Gave Birth While In A Coma, And Thanks To A 'Bloody Miracle,' Both Are Now Okay

A woman who recently gave birth while in a coma has woken up, and eerily can't remember that she has given birth on some days, according to Australian news outlet 9Honey. She also has difficulty remembering her engagement to her partner of seven years. Nonetheless, doctors are calling the fact that mother and baby are now okay a miracle they had not believed was possible.

Caitlin Stubbs was 25 years old and pregnant when she was struck with a brain aneurysm this past summer. She had previously been attempting treatment for a condition called arteriovenous malformation, or AVM, which is comprised of abnormal blood vessels connecting arteries to the brain. However, the prescribed radio therapy was put on hold after Caitlin and her fiancé, Jonathon Welsh, discovered that they were expecting.

It was Caitlin's history with the disease that made her realize something was very wrong later in July, when the Aussie -- who was still months away from her due date -- woke up feeling particularly unwell.

"She said the headache was up and down the back of her neck," Welsh described. "Then she started vomiting and I called the ambulance."

Though Welsh promptly called an ambulance, Caitlin was already in a coma by the time she reached the hospital. Her due date was September 9, but doctors were able to deliver her daughter, Quinn, early, despite the fact that Caitlin was unresponsive.

Though doctors feared that the little baby would not last the night, she beat the odds and survived after spending three weeks in the NICU.

However, the medical woes were far from over. Doctors told Caitlin's family that her prognosis was grim; odds were that she would pass away, or that she would remain in a vegetative state.

"They said they didn't think she'd make it through the night, and everything was pretty negative but I knew she would make it," Welsh said of his fiancée.

"Then they said she'd be brain dead, but she's definitely not."

However, Caitlin miraculously woke up, though the road to recovery is still long. She is still in the hospital and relies on a feeding tube. She was only able to start talking on Thursday, after her tracheotomy was finally removed. She still has difficulty saying some words.

Moreover, it has become apparent that the 25-year-old has also suffered bouts of amnesia -- including sometimes forgetting that she is a mother.

"I bring the baby to the hospital every day and sometimes she whispers to me that she wants Quinn, and sometimes she asks whose baby it is," Welsh confessed.

He added that Caitlin doesn't remember getting engaged, which occurred a few months before her first AVM attack this past November.

empty hospital bed
Pixabay | Cor Gaasbeek

Nonetheless, the family is optimistic about the future, and Caitlin's mother, Melissa, linked to a post on Facebook in which she claimed that her daughter had been going through great "progress."

She also thanked the doctors who worked tirelessly to save her daughter and mentioned the "overwhelming" luck that her daughter survived.

"It's a miracle," she said.

"The doctors actually called her a bloody miracle."
Similarly, The Inquisitr reported on another medical miracle after a man who had been in a coma for five years recently woke up. He has stated that he was "aware" the entire time, and his comments come as new research urges doctors and families not to pull the plug.