Age Of Empires II HD Coming To Steam

Age of Empires II HD is heading to the massive online repository of computer games known as Steam. Starting on April 9, gamers will be able to get a revamped copy of Age of Empires from Steam for $19.99

This particular game is a throwback to the old days when SimCity was much beloved and wasn’t causing people to tear their hair out waiting to get online.

The game will be based on the Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings which was released way back in 1999. This version will have some revamped graphics to match 1080p output, earning it the ”HD” addition to its name.

Once the creation of Ensemble Studios, Hidden Path Entertainment has taken over the mantle of developing this game since Ensemble Studios has long since been shuttered. Age of Empires II HD is a real-time strategy game that allows players to do about what you would think you could do.

In the game you can try and build up your own empire, while going through different missions, or just use the open play function and see if you can outlast and outlive your opponents’ cultures.

This version of the title will have all the original missions, as well as the “conquerer’s” expansion pack. That means that you will have 18 different missions you can play through.

Because its being launched on Steam, players will also have access to the Steam leader-boards, accomplishments and cloud support.

If you are really dying to get your empire on, you can pr-purchase the game now and get it on April 5, four days before the official launch. Should you decide to go this route, you will also be saving yourself a couple of bucks as Steam will be offering a 10 percent discount on early purchases.

Check out the Age of Empires II HD announcement trailer below and wet your appetite for the game.