Ashley Alexiss Gets Cheeky In Tiny Shorts

Ashley Alexiss is keeping her fans on their toes with a ton of revealing Instagram photos lately. This includes a recent update which gave fans a look at her rocking a floral bikini, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

Since that update, the model has gone on to share another image that has people talking. It featured her walking on a dock by the ocean as she wore a tiny pair of shorts. The blue waters were visible to her left.

Meanwhile, the shorts that she wore were so small that she flashed a bit of her booty. Alexiss also wore a string bikini top as a part of her right chest peeked through.

The model also wore her hair down behind her shoulders and raised her hands to make a heart shape for the shot. Ashley was also seen standing on her toes. She faced her back to the camera and looked out at the colorful sunset on the horizon. There were some interesting cloud formations in the sky, including some darker clouds at the top. While the sun was setting, parts of the photo revealed a bright blue sky.

This update was geotagged at Kandima Maldives.

Many of Ashley's fans left nice compliments in the comments section. But for the plus-size model, the path to get to where she is now wasn't easy. She previously opened up about this to Revelist.

During the interview, Alexiss talked about some common jabs from haters, including whether it's unhealthy to be plus-size.

"A lot of people get the notion that plus-size means that you're unhealthy, and that's not something that any of us plus-size models promote," she clarified.

Ashley also talked about the different barriers that she broke through in order to get to where she is in the modeling industry.

"So I'm kind of representing for not just the curvy models, but the vertically challenged models as well. I'm kind of trying [to] just break the mold a little bit because I'm more average," she said.

And when Alexiss says she's "vertically challenged," it's because she's 5-foot-4-inches, which is a lot shorter than most mainstream models.

She also spoke about how Ashley Graham impacted the modeling world.

"I think the biggest thing... is that Ashley Graham has really just paved the way for all of us but the problem [is] that she's doing so, so well that no one expects someone else to do as well as her," she said.