Ariel Winter Exposes Chest In Sheer Lingerie

Ariel Winter shared a revealing, new Instagram photo and it seems to be sending fans' jaws dropping. The photo, which was posted only an hour ago, has already racked up more than 164,000 likes. This came after she previously shared a photo of herself in a small, black dress, as reported by The Inquisitr.

The only downside to the update is that it's too revealing to share here. But you can still check it out on her Instagram page.

What made the photo NSFW is that the lingerie top was completely see-through. This meant that Ariel left her chest exposed and left little to the imagination.

The top had thin straps and scalloped edges at the bottom. It hugged her chest, while a lacy, floral pattern added more femininity to the look. Thanks to the cut of the top, Ariel's cleavage and midriff were both on full display.

The actress wore her hair down casually while rocking bright red lipstick. She smiled with her lips closed and looked over to her left for the shot. Because the photo was cropped by her hips, it was hard to see the rest of her outfit. At the least, it was possible to note that she wore a pair of black bottoms.

Winter also went jewelry-free, opting to go without a necklace or bracelets.

There were tons of fans that flooded the comments sections with their thoughts on the revealing photo. Among all of the compliments on her looks, there was one fan that made an observation.

"You definitely are not a little girl anymore," they said.

And while the comment may have had a hint of flirtatiousness, it's hardly the first time that Ariel has been reminded of her stardom that has spanned her younger years until now.

Previously, she spoke with Schön Magazine about the realities of her life and career experiences. The actress took the opportunity to get raw and honest.

"Growing up in this industry being young is really, really difficult because you're very malleable as a kid. You want to be accepted [so] you do what other people think is cool," she revealed.

Winter also went into depth about the time in her teen years when she withdrew purposefully from the public eye.

"I really struggled. It really breaks down your confidence when a lot of people you don't know have an opinion of everything you do and the way you look, and their opinions are never really positive. That really [pushed me] but I really learned to only focus on myself," she explained.