'One Piece' Episode 901 Features Luffy, Zoro, And Okiku Invading Bakura Town To Rescue Otama

The latest episode of One Piece featured the continuation of the battle between Monkey D. Luffy and Roronoa Zoro of the Straw Hat Pirates and the subordinates of the Beast Pirates. Luffy and Zoro thought that the Gifters were after them, but it was later revealed that their main target is Otama. While Luffy and Zoro were busy dealing with Batman, Gazelleman took the opportunity to kidnap Otama.

As mentioned in the previous The Inquisitr article, One Piece Episode 901 showed Okiku teaming up with Luffy and Zoro in saving Otama. While riding at the back of Komachiyo on their way to Bakura Town, Zoro noticed Okiku carrying a sword. Okiku told Luffy and Zoro that she's a samurai.

While having a conversation with Luffy and Zoro, Okiku brought out a book that contains information about the place they were heading. Okiku revealed that there are currently three Beast Pirate headliners living in Bakura Town. These include Hawkins Pirates captain Basil Hawkins, Holdem, and Speed. Of all the three Beast Pirate headliners, Luffy and Zoro only knew Hawkins, whom they fought at the wasteland.

Okiku warned the Straw Hat Pirates about the huge trouble waiting for them in Bakura Town, but Luffy and Zoro didn't seem worried at all. After several samurais appeared at the entrance of Bakura Town, Zoro told Luffy that they don't have time to deal with weaklings. One Piece Episode 901 featured Luffy preparing to use Conqueror's Haki to take down all the enemies in front of them.

Meanwhile, the latest episode of One Piece also introduced Holdem. Holdem is a Beast Pirate headliner who ate the Lion SMILE fruit. Holdem has a lion in his stomach named Kamijiro. Though they are in the same body, Kamijiro doesn't seem to get along with Holdem, which is proved by his decision to fight back when his master hit him in the head.

One Piece Episode 901 revealed that Holdem is the one who ordered Batman and Gazelleman to kidnap Otama. Holdem is interested in knowing how Otama easily tamed the wild baboon at Kuri Beach. Otama tried to trick Holdem and his crew by telling them that she just really loves animals. However, Holdem knew that she turned the wild beast into her pet by feeding it with something that she got from her cheeks. To know the secret behind Otama's power, Holdem ordered his men to get huge pincers and try to get something out of her cheeks. Otama cried as loud as she could, begging Luffy to save her from the hands of Holdem.