'RHOC' Star Kelly Dodd Shows Off Louis Vuitton Gifts From New Boyfriend Rick Leventhal On Instagram

Kelly Dodd and her new boyfriend, Fox News correspondent Rick Leventhal, are going strong.

As they continue to travel the world together, the Real Housewives of Orange County cast member has been sharing tons of photos of herself and Leventhal and in her latest photo, she's seen showing off a couple of gift Leventhal got her from Louis Vuitton.

Letting her fans and followers know that her new man spares no expense when it comes to his gifts, Dodd posted a selfie with Leventhal that featured the 43-year-old reality star showing off her stunning new monogrammed scarf and sunglasses, which were both purchased from the expensive designer brand.

"Thanks lover," she wrote to Leventhal in the comments section of her post.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Dodd and Leventhal have been spending time with one another in Italy after enjoying a days-long trip to London, England at the end of last month.

Dodd first confirmed she and Leventhal were an item weeks prior to their trip to Europe, and just after her split from plastic surgeon Brian Reagan, who she was dating during filming on the 14th season of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Since going public, Dodd has continuously shared new images of herself and Leventhal and Leventhal has also shared plenty of images of the two of them on his Instagram page.

Although Dodd and Leventhal appear to be quite serious, it was just months ago that Dodd was considering a potential engagement to Reagan.

During an August 15 interview with People magazine, Dodd confirmed her relationship with Leventhal and accused Reagan of attempting to use her to get publicly for his business.

"We met in the Hamptons," Dodd said of herself and Leventhal. "It's new... But he's already treated me with more respect than Brian ever did."

According to Dodd, she officially ended her relationship with Reagan on August 3 after spending nine months in an on-and-off relationship with him. She also cut ties with the doctor after beginning to feel that he had ulterior motives for spending time with her.

"He wanted his business on the show. I was just a means to get there. And I only realized that after I caught him cheating on me and realized he's been seeing someone else all along," Dodd claimed.

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