WWE News: Top 'Monday Night Raw' Superstar Missing Time Due To Injury

The superstar rosters of Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live are full of great talent and it isn't always easy to find space and time for all of them. Still, there are those who are going to be at the top and involved in some of the biggest storylines, but there are some things which are out of their control. Unfortunately for one of the main event superstars of the red brand, an injury has had him out of action for weeks and he could be out of commission for a while longer.

Drew McIntyre has been involved in some pretty big storylines over the course of the last few months. He's been partnered in an alliance with Shane McMahon and Elias across both Raw and SmackDown. He was in a battle with Roman Reigns and even faced off against The Undertaker at Extreme Rules.

The last time that McIntyre was seen on WWE television was on Monday Night Raw on August 26. It was thought that he may end up going far in the King of the Ring tournament, but he ended up losing to Ricochet in the first round.

It is obvious that WWE wanted Ricochet to look good as he picked up that win over McIntyre and is still in the tournament as the semifinals have approached. When The Inquisitr reported the KOTR brackets released by WWE, it seemed as if McIntyre could have gone far, but that wasn't the case.

Now, McIntyre has been absent for more than two weeks and Wrestling Inc. is reporting that it's due to him nursing an injury.

Drew McIntyre on the offensive on

McIntyre is said to not be backstage for tonight's Monday Night Raw in Madison Square Garden which is going to be a huge show. He was also not backstage at last week's show and isn't expected to appear on SmackDown Live from MSG on Tuesday night either.

While McIntyre's exact injury is not known, the word going around is that he underwent minor surgery to "fix a lingering injury." The issue hadn't been a huge deal, but it apparently came up after WWE's tour of Mexico back in December and has stuck around as a bother for months.

Right now, the company is dealing with some big things such as SmackDown's move to FOX and the NXT debut on the USA Network, but McIntyre isn't needed for either of those.

Getting this minor surgery out of the way now is a good way for Drew McIntyre to fully help up and be ready by October. That will begin the build toward Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, and the WrestleMania 36 season. It's even possible that he could return by next week after Clash of Champions, but he won't be out too much longer.