Demi Lovato Stuns With New Green Hair In Pink-Wash T-Shirt

Demi Lovato delivered a stunning new hair update. Although the 27-year-old tends to stick to her trademark dark locks, the "Sorry Not Sorry" singer is known for experimenting in the makeup department. Fans will see Demi chop up her style between long and short lengths, but hair dye tends not to feature too prominently for Demi — this singer is no Nicki Minaj.

Earlier today, Demi took to her Instagram stories with two snaps. The singer hadn't opted for a full-length shot with the first image, but rather, she had gone into selfie mode and shielded part of her face. Fans saw the singer rocking a pink-wash T-shirt with an old-fashioned television set on it, with some pops of orange and purple adding even more color. It was clear that this update was about the hair, though. With a shout-out made to hairstylist Alchemist Amber, it looked like Demi was out to thank the person responsible for her new hair.

Fans saw Demi rocking a bob-length do with bright green tips. Strands of green also appeared to manifest amid Demi's otherwise dark finish, with the feel being prominent.

Demi then switched to a photo that showed her face. Here, the singer was seen cocking her head to the side, with the green streaks better visible. Fans would likely agree that the singing superstar looked nothing short of breathtaking.

When it comes to music faces doubling up as beauty icons, Demi seems to take the top slot. The star's on-point makeup and sleek hair are somewhat worshipped by her millions of fans. Demi has even taken to social media to state that she's a fan of Keeping Up with the Kardashians star Kylie Jenner's famous brand. Yes, Demi digs Kylie Cosmetics.

Speaking to Elle, Demi revealed that she will experiment with makeup, but she has her limits.

"Blue lipstick. I've done it before for pictures with friends and photoshoots, but I can't see myself wearing blue lipstick to a concert. [Also,] overdoing highlighter — because then you look like a glowworm!" she said as the magazine asked her which beauty trend she'd definitely avoid.

The interview also saw Demi touch on something that popped up in today's stories — the snaps were, after all, selfies.

"It's all about being confident without makeup. I've always been confident without makeup. Also, having great lighting and a good angle helps," she told the magazine about nailing a selfie.

Demi's most recent social media headline-making centered around an unfiltered bikini snap of herself, per The Inquisitr. With today's story having the potential to crop up in a full-blown Instagram update, though, Demi may well find herself making headlines on account of her hair in the not-too-distant future.