'Teen Mom OG' Star Amber Portwood's Brother Shawn Defends Her Against Andrew Glennon's Allegations On Twitter

Amber Portwood's brother, Shawn Portwood, is speaking out about the recent claims made by his sister's former boyfriend, Andrew Glennon.

After seeing that Andrew had taken to his Instagram account to accuse the Teen Mom OG star of abusing both him and the 1-year-old son they share, James, and of using drugs, including marijuana and hydrocodone, Shawn lashed out at Andrew on Twitter.

"This is freaking bullsh*t," Shawn tweeted, according to a report from The Ashley's Reality Roundup on September 7. "How dare him continue this smear campaign. I can't believe this. It's just a giant smear campaign because he knows that a lot is about to come out and it's not going to look good for him."

According to Shawn, Andrew is attempting to make himself look good while making Amber look bad. However, despite her shady past, which includes jail time and drug addiction, Amber does not deserve what Andrew is putting her though. After all, she's allegedly made huge strides since facing hardships years ago and has changed herself for the better.

"[Amber] has issues and she knows it but she is tenfold better than what she was before," he explained.

While Andrew has insisted Amber has used drugs recently, she's claimed to be sober for some time. As The Inquisitr reported, she recently slammed him on her Instagram page for lying about her.

As Shawn continued on about the current social media feud happening between Amber and Andrew, he told his Twitter audience that no one can prove that any of Andrew's claims are true, at least from what he is aware of. He then said that one thing that Andrew claimed was actually true but wouldn't say what that one thing was. Instead, he said that in the end, "the truth will come out."

Although Shawn has been accused of enabling Amber in the past, he said he is not doing that currently and explained that he often spends time with Amber and tries to help her.

According to Shawn, Amber has distanced herself from her social media accounts in recent weeks so that she doesn't have to look at what people are saying about her. As fans may have noticed, the Teen Mom OG star disabled her Instagram comments earlier this summer so that people can't leave her mean messages.

Shawn went on to tell his Twitter audience that Amber has been seeing a therapist multiple times a week to cope with her ongoing mental health issues.