'Big Brother 21' Spoilers: The Power Of Veto Ceremony Leads To A New Nominee

The houseguests are buzzing about the upcoming eviction, and new Big Brother 21 spoilers hint that things could get a little wild this week. Only a handful of players remain in the BB21 competition, and the Power of Veto ceremony held on Monday could tempt some remaining contestants to make a bold move.

As The Inquisitr previously noted, Nicole Anthony managed to win the Power of Veto during the weekend competition. Cliff Hogg and Tommy Bracco were nominated by Head of Household Jackson Michie, and Nicole signaled that she planned to use the POV to take Cliff off the block. This means that Holly Allen would go up in his place.

According to Big Brother spoilers from Twitter account @BB_Updates, Nicole followed through on that plan. She saved Cliff and that automatically meant that Holly would be nominated as she was the only available choice. This is the first time Holly has been on the block this season.

If Nicole and Cliff stick with the deal they've had, they'll keep Holly safe and evict Tommy. However, Big Brother spoilers hint that Nicole is entertaining the thought of flipping the vote. Jackson and Holly have considered this possibility, as has Tommy.

Big Brother spoilers share that Tommy and Nicole have been talking extensively since she won the POV. She has been heard via the live feeds noting that she knows this would be the smart move, and on Sunday she was talking through the possibilities with Tommy.

Of course, Cliff is central to making this happen. He's pretty tight with Jackson, but he's very close to Nicole. Will he be willing to vote out Holly instead of Tommy? Big Brother spoilers note that Nicole seems to be in something of a wait-and-see period at the moment, as she told Tommy that the second Cliff is on board with this flip, she'll consider it a done deal.

Monday morning, ahead of the POV ceremony, Big Brother spoilers detail that Cliff and Nicole started talking about this in earnest. They acknowledged that if they decide to keep Tommy, they are trusting that he'll target Jackson and that he'll win the next Power of Veto to keep the two of them safe. That could be a risk they will be hesitant to take.

Big Brother Network points out that Nicole and Cliff have to stick together on this if they want to control the vote. If one of them votes for Holly and the other votes for Tommy, Jackson becomes the tiebreaker as HOH. He'll surely keep Holly, and he'll be looking for payback against Cliff and Nicole.

Which way will things go? The vote won't come until Thursday, and both Holly and Jackson know they are at risk now. They'll surely be talking with Nicole and Cliff a great deal over the coming days, and fans will be anxious for additional Big Brother spoilers as a decision is made.