Matt Bomer Makes Rare Instagram Appearance & Fans Are Losing It

Rodin EckenrothGetty Images

As his 765,000 Instagram followers know, Matt Bomer isn’t especially active on social media. In fact, the last time his fans got a look at his gorgeous face and physique was back in June.

So, it came as a total surprise when the White Collar alum took to his profile on Sunday to reveal that he had attended the U.S. Open Women’s Final.

The post included a captivating rare snapshot of Bomer standing in front of a cerulean blue background.

The Magic Mike star was looking dapper as ever in his sophisticated ensemble. Matt rocked a pair of crisp white pants with a matching long-sleeve button-down dress shirt. His shirt was buttoned at the wrist and open at the collar for a more laid-back feel. Bomer opted to pair the ensemble with a fitted two-button blazer and accessorized with a matching pocket square.

Matt had his hands clasped together in front of his chiseled torso, and his wedding ring was clearly visible. Possibly because of the sunlight, his eyes were too squinted for the background to complement his gorgeous blue eyes.

The 41-year-old actor had a fuller and longer head of hair than he did in his last Instagram snap featuring himself. He was also rocking a significant amount of brown and gray facial hair, in contrast to his last appearance on Instagram, which featured the suave actor with a clean, hairless face.

The Instagram post contained a second snapshot of Bomer that appeared to be taken by someone else in the crowd. The snap featured Matt sitting next to fellow actor Michael Benjamin Washington. They shielded their eyes from the UV rays with round sunglasses as they watched the match.

As if Bomer’s rare appearance on Instagram wasn’t enough to send fans of the actor into a frenzy, Washington also shared a selfie of himself standing next to Matt as he thanked him for a wonderful afternoon.

The duo flashed huge smiles for the camera as they stood in front of the tennis court with the packed crowd in the background.

With his Instagram appearances being few and far between, it isn’t too surprising that his snapshot was so well-received by his followers. In fact, the photo quickly accumulated over 115,000 likes and nearly 750 comments.

Notably, his fans weren’t alone in their obsession over his recent social media activity. Several celebrities who follow Bomer on Instagram were also quick to gush in the comments.

“Could you be more handsome?” actress Jordana Brewster penned in a comment that has been liked just shy of 40 times.

“The most handsome guy I know!!!” actor Colton Haynes swooned.

Singer Shoshana Bean added, “I cannntttt deal with youuuuuuuu. This is inappropriate content!!!”

Actress Parisa Fitz-Henley jested that anyone in the crowd would have had a hard time enjoying the match with Bomer as a distraction.

“Who could have possibly watched the tennis, Bomer?! At least have the decency to put a bag over your head!”

As far as fan reactions are concerned, several thanked Matt for sharing the “sexy” photo of himself. Many also gushed about how much they loved the actor and how attractive they thought he was. A few even questioned why he was “so beautiful.”

Matt Bomer wasn’t alone in turning heads while attending the U.S. Open. Ashley Benson and Cara Delevingne also attracted a significant amount of attention as they engaged in several, very steamy makeout sessions. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Ashley and Cara’s public display of affection sent social media into a frenzy.