Cardi B Shuts Down Plastic Surgery Haters With Sexy Dance In Black Thong

Craig BarrittGetty Images

Cardi B isn’t afraid to let the haters know what she thinks about their comments on her plastic surgery. On Sunday, the “I Like It” rapper went on a lengthy Instagram rant that ended with her dancing, twerking, and shimmying in a black thong.

The outspoken rapper posted a story addressing her decision for going under the knife, according to People. While Cardi has been open about her procedures, some people have attacked her.

“Let me tell you somethin’, I don’t like talkin’ sh*t about a b*tch’s body because I remember the struggle, baby,” said Cardi. “I remember when I had no motherf*cking t*ts, and I remember when I had a fun-size a**.”

The mom of one went on to say that she knows there are a lot of natural women on the internet who want to judge people who have had work done. She called these women “jealous” and went on to talk about her sister, Hennessy Carolina.

“My sister, she a natural,” Cardi said. “She got small t*ts. She got a little cute a**. She ain’t hating on the next b*tch because she know if she want it, she could get. So y’all talking sh*t about these b*tches’ bodies because you want it, or what? ‘Cause it sounds like you hatin’.”

Cardi continued her rant, saying that women shouldn’t go after one another for their appearances, no matter if they’ve had plastic surgery or not.

“I only come at people about their body when they’re talking sh*t about me!” Cardi concluded.

After the rant, she posted a video where she dances in a tiny black thong bodysuit covered in pink fringe. Her new song “Yes” plays in the background as she showed off her Hustler-toned body and dance moves. She wore her hair up in two pigtails with pink woven into them and sported extremely long blue nails to finish off the look.

Cardi has never been shy about sharing her plastic surgery experiences or weighing in on most topics. As The Inquisitr previously reported, the outspoken rapper has been making her voice heard. She has even been getting into politics in a big way after she recently spoke with presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The pair spoke about middle-class wages, unions, and jobs while hanging out in a nail salon in Detroit, Michigan. Cardi said that she is supporting the Vermont senator in his bid for election against Donald Trump in the upcoming 2020 race.