Sofia Vergara Plans Surrogate Baby, Reportedly Afraid What Pregnancy Would Do To Her Career

Sofia Vergara Plans Surrogate Baby, Reportedly Afraid Of Effect Pregnancy Would Have On Her Career

Sofia Vergara plans to use a surrogate to have a baby with fiance Nick Loeb, reportedly asking a close friend to carry the first child for the Modern Family star and her beau.

The surrogacy process is reportedly in the very early stages, but it’s been reported that the baby will belong to Vergara and Loeb biologically.

“A procedure has taken place, and Sofia and Nick will find out in a few weeks if it was successful, if the surrogate is pregnant, and if they will become parents,” a source told the New York Post.

Vergara’s plan to use a surrogate to have a baby reportedly makes Nick Loeb feel a bit uncomfortable, but he’s nonetheless excited to get a family started.

“A baby is something they’ve both wanted for a while, particularly Nick, who has been pushing for it,” the source said. “He is a little uneasy that the surrogate is Sofia’s close friend, but is very excited about becoming a father.”

The surrogate baby will be the second child for Vergara, who also has a 21-year-old son, Manolo. Though she has reportedly wanted a sibling for Manolo, Vergara’s schedule has been hectic between shooting the new season of Modern Family, promoting her clothing line at Kmart and branching out into more movie roles. Vergara has just signed on to star in a remake of the 1976 movie Heat and is in discussions with Reese Witherspoon on another film.

Vergara also chose to use a surrogate to have the baby because Nick Loeb reportedly didn’t want to ruin her famous figure or damage her career by pregnancy. She went on to pick “one of her healthiest and closest friends” for the job, the National Enquirer noted.

Sofia Vergara’s surrogate actually had a health scare just a few days before the Oscars. The woman developed pains and was rushed to the hospital, fearing a miscarriage. Tests turned out to be negative.

Sofia and Nick got engaged last year during a trip to Mexico to celebrate her 40th birthday. Ironically, Vergara’s surrogate baby will be the second pregnancy for her in the last year — and the first real one. Her Modern Family character Gloria just had a baby on the show, a plot line that had Vergara in a prosthetic pregnancy suit for much of the season.