‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Catelynn Lowell Shares Rare Photo From Her Farm & New Endeavor

Nicholas HuntGetty Images

Catelynn Lowell’s farm sure is shaping up.

As those who follow the reality star on social media know, Catelynn loves to share photos and videos for fans on social media. While she oftentimes shares images of her husband, Tyler Baltierra, on the platform she also regularly posts photos of her two kids — Nova and Vaeda. From time to time, the Michigan native also shares photos from her home — including some from her farm.

In the most recent photo that was shared for her 3.6 million-plus fans, Catelynn shares a rare photo from her beautiful farm. In the shot, green grass and a few trees are visible while Catelynn holds an egg in her hand on the side of the image. The reality star’s manicured nails are also on display in the photo and the word “breathe” is written on one of her fingers in cursive.

In the caption of the image, Catelynn tells fans that it’s their first egg while also including a chicken emoji in the post. Since the post went live on her account, it’s earned the Teen Mom OG star a ton of attention with over 8,000 likes. Catelynn seems to have disabled some of the comments, as only two have showed up on the post, including one from a verified account.

“Yes tattoo,” one follower commented on the post.

“AHHH!!! So exciting,” another Instagram user chimed in.

The most recent season from Catelynn’s hit show just wrapped up and she and her husband have been appearing on the Teen Mom OG reunion special on MTV. As The Inquisitr shared, Catelynn opened up about her separation from her husband and their future and plans to expand their family. The famous pair have three girls — Carly, Nova, and Vaeda but as fans know, they gave up Carly for adoption when they were in their teens. Now, they’re hoping to add a boy to the mix at some point in the future.

“Yes, we definitely want to try for a boy. We are thinking of trying when Vaeda is like one or two years old.”

But if they do have another girl, Catelynn says they will probably try for a boy one more time after that before calling it quits on adding kids to the family. She also shared that after her separation from Tyler, their relationship is stronger than ever and they trust each other with everything. And their secret?

“Solid communication and our love,” she shared. “Being honest, blunt, and caring.”

Fans can follow Catelynn and all of her photo updates on Instagram.