Jinger Duggar’s Daughter, Felicity, Found Her ‘Paradise,’ But Fans Concerned About Safety


Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo are living their best life in California with their daughter, Felicity. While the Vuolos have been sharing many photos of the delicious food they have been trying these past couple of months, it’s mostly the snaps of their little girl that have fans smiling.

Jeremy just revealed on his Instagram recently how much Felicity loves the water. His little pride and joy is seen in a couple of photos that her dad posted last week of her standing on what looks to be a deck with a plastic partition watching the ocean waves roll in.

According to the former professional soccer player, they were spending some time with friends in Malibu. You can see the amazing sunset in the background as the 1-year-old is staring at the water. Jeremy wrote that his daughter is totally captivated by water and that she has found paradise in looking at the vast ocean.

Then on Saturday, Felicity was able to enjoy actually being in the water. Jinger Duggar’s husband shared a photo of her floating in a pool with a huge smile on her face. She has on plenty of floating devices to keep her safe in the water. However, there were some fans who were critical of the safety of the couple’s firstborn.

A few people deemed the puddle jumper “dangerous.” Others reminded them that her parents were right there watching their daughter closely. The back-and-forth comments between their Instagram followers on whether Felicity was safe in the water went on for a while, but they were in agreement that she is pretty adorable.

Jinger and Jeremy moved from their home in Laredo, Texas, to L.A. in July. The TLC camera crew traveled along with them, so it stands to reason that the couple’s big life change will be featured on the new season of Counting On, which premieres sometime in October.

Food has become a big part of both Jinger and Jeremy’s Instagram since they arrived in the area. While water seems to be paradise for their daughter, it appears that their paradise is taking part in the L.A. eating experience.

The new season of Counting On will not only feature Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo’s move to L.A., but there are many babies on the way for the Duggar family as well. Four couples are now expecting baby girls and cousin Amy Duggar King is also pregnant with a little boy.

Jinger and Jeremy share family updates frequently. You can keep track of their new life in California on social media.