Rachel Maddow Doing A Reddit AMA Right Now!

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow’s Reddit AMA is on now, and the progressive anchor is hanging out at Reddit for an hour to take user questions.

Rachel Maddow’s Reddit AMA is located over in reddit.com/r/IAmA, where people as powerful as President Barack Obama and as working class as In-N-Out cooks gather to answer “anything” users ask — almost always including whether they’d prefer to fight one horse sized duck or several duck sized horses.

Opening her AMA, Rachel Maddow tells Reddit users she’s “the host of MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show and author of the book Drift,” and she has “just over an hour to answer questions” but will try to “answer as many questions as possible.”

The thread is titled “I am Rachel Maddow, Ask Me Anything!” Maddow kicked off by answering a question about her favorite rye whiskey, fishing and her relationship with Rand Paul and his dad, Ron Paul. Maddow said she’s “starting with the booze question because the very idea relaxes [her.]”

Maddow explains that if she “had to pick a desert-island one,” she’d “probably pick Michter’s,” but “there’s a great one called Pikesville, too.” Maddow adds:

“I wouldn’t kick Sazerac 6 or Rittenhouse out of bed for eating crackers, though. “

Maddow adds:

“Biggest fish I ever caught was a striper that was two inches shorter than the one my mom caught ten minutes earlier. (3) I really wish either of the Pauls would still talk with me the way they used to. I am not a Paulite myself, but I have both respect for and interest in the way they each approach aspects of Republican politics. They both gave up on me after my difficult interview with Paul-the-younger on the issue of the Civil Rights Act. But I hope they’ll reconsider someday. Thanks for asking!”

Of failure to cover the war in Afghanistan, Maddow in her AMA concurs with a commenter and says she wishes “there was more debate about why and how and if we should still have 60,000 Americans in Afghanistan.” Rachel is also asked about other broadcasters she admires, to which she replies:

“I really like the way Shep Smith (at Fox News Channel) balances anchorman gravitas… with a willingness to put the artifice aside and acknowledge what it really going on. Some of us can pull off seeming like human beings on TV, some of us can pull off V.O.G. authority, but Shep is really very good at both. Better than anyone else, I think. Also, I’ve met him and he’s a nice person!”

By way of proof for Reddit’s AMA system, Maddow tweeted:

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