Ashley Alexiss Goes Topless & Her Instagram Followers Lose Their Minds

Ashley Alexiss has been frequently taking to popular social media platform Instagram to document her tropical adventures in the Maldives for her nearly 2 million followers. On Monday, the Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit model took to the photo-sharing site to make her followers lose their minds as she posed topless in an infinity pool.

In the snap, the model has her back to the camera with her chest slightly visible from the side as she faces out towards the open ocean. Submersed in the pool, much of her body is concealed from view, as she teases her followers with a glimpse of side boob. She has her arms thrown up in the air and her face turned towards the sun with her eyes closed, making her appear completely at peace. Her blonde locks are slicked down her back with water.

In the caption of the photo, the 28-year-old tells her followers that she has infinite views, tying in the large expanse of ocean stretching out behind her to the infinity pool that she's swimming in. She also tags her location as Kandima, Maldives.

In the comments section of the post, the model's 1.8 million followers went crazy for her latest Maldives snap, expressing how much they loved her and thought she was beautiful. They also begged for more photos of the picturesque location, telling her how jealous they were of her tropical vacation.

"Oh turn around please," one Instagram user commented.

"Wow, stunning," another follower wrote, adding a bunch of fire and heart emoji to their comment.

Other social media users assumed that the model was striking a triumphant pose because of the New England Patriots' win against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night. In a separate post from Sunday, Ashley announced her love for the football team by posting a photo of herself dressed in a Patriots' jersey while lounging on the dock over the Maldives sea.

The football jersey has Ashley's last name written across the back and the number 12 as she poses with her front facing out towards the ocean. Taken with the "portrait" mode of her camera phone, the background behind the model appears blurred, making her stand out in stark contrast. The tight-hugging shirt follows her voluptuous curves while she wears orange bathing suit bottoms that expose her curvy legs. The model stares off at a distant point with her straight blonde tresses pushed over to one shoulder.