Abby Dowse Sends Instagram Into Overdrive In Wild Pink Lingerie

Abby DowseInstagram

Abby Dowse heated up Instagram on Monday with a photo in which she wore a skimpy lingerie set that left little to the imagination.

In the photo, Dowse was lying on a bed covered with a white comforter. She wore a revealing pink lace bra that could hardly contain her breasts. The beauty also wore a pair of matching panties and a garter belt. The set featured thin straps, heart cutouts, and delicate bows that created a feminine and sexy vibe. While the lacy set was stunning, Dowse’s body stole the show.

As she is known to do, Dowse took the snap from above her head, showing just a portion of her face. The majority of the photo captured her voluptuous chest, thin waist, and curvy hips. A pendant necklace drew attention to her cleavage. Her bronzed skin looked flawless as it glowed against the white linen.

In the post’s caption, Dowse mentioned that it was her birthday, and that she was showing off her birthday suit.

Many of Dowse’s followers wished her a happy birthday, but others could not help but comment on her fabulous figure. Some fans seemed to be speechless, leaving behind a row of fire emoji.

“Best present ever,” one fan said.

“Absolutely gorgeous as always,” one admirer wrote.

One fan told the stunner that she looked gorgeous in her birthday suit, while others commented that pink looked amazing on her.

“Splendid, torrid, beautiful, there are no words to describe you in this set,” one inspired follower told Dowse.

One admirer told Dowse that the photo was “too hot” for words to describe.

While men left a good deal of comments on the Instagram sensation’s photo, women also chimed in.

“How are you real?” asked one female follower.

“I need your tan, and body, thanks,” another one wrote.

Dowse’s Instagram page is filled with photos that showcase her incredible figure. The beauty seems to know exactly what her 1.4 million followers like to see. That being said, she wears the skimpiest of clothing that the photo-sharing platform will allow. Lingerie seems to be a favorite for the model, whose body seems to be made for it.

When she’s not modeling lingerie, she is usually wearing bikinis. Over the summer, she has modeled dozens of two-piece numbers in a variety of colors and styles that show off her curvy physique.

Fans wanting to see more of Dowse can follow her Instagram account.