Devon Windsor Rocks Sheer Bodysuit

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

Devon Windsor shared a brand new Instagram post earlier today, and it gave fans a glimpse into what’s going on at New York Fashion Week.

In the update, the model was spotted strutting the city sidewalk in an eye-catching bodysuit. It was sheer and featured vertical black and white stripes. In addition, the bodysuit had furry accents on the leg, along with on the arms. The sleeves of the suit were extraordinarily long, while Devon played up the furry aspect with a matching, black bag.

Also, Windsor was spotted rocking a big, white choker necklace. The second photo revealed that the necklace featured what looked like diamonds in rows, with repeating leaf-like designs in the middle.

Devon slicked back her hair in a side part, and wore dark eyeliner and pink lipstick. She also sported multiple earrings.

The first photo of the set showed Devon walking down the sidewalk, as she swung her arms. The second photo was a closer look at the model from her chest up.

And a third photo showed Windsor looking down as she continued walking. In the backdrop, you could see red lights from cars.

Devon posed a question to her fans in the captions about what they liked seeing, and some people answered her.

“Neon and sparkles,” said a fan.

“YSL fragrance ad vibes,” said another fan.

“Everything that you want to show us,” commented a follower.

On the other hand, it looked like many of her fans were distracted by the outfit.

“Shut the front door,” joked a fan.

“Magnificent! Extraordinary! Gorgeous!” exclaimed another fan.

“You are so stunning,” declared a follower.

But that wasn’t all, as followers kept the compliments rolling.

“Serious SLAYAGE,” said a fan.

“Such a queen,” noted another fan.

“3rd photo is the best! And yes!” exclaimed a follower.

In addition, there was one fan, in particular, that left a very long message. They wrapped it up with some words about the model’s influence.

“I’m glad your happy. You have a voice and a captive ordinance. I’m sure you will use for the betterment of mankind,” they said.

This isn’t to mention another update from Windsor yesterday, where she rocked another show-stopping outfit. It was a glittering, blue dress with a turtleneck and long sleeves. However, there was still plenty of sex appeal, as the dress featured a high slit on her left leg.

Devon’s eyes popped, thanks to the heavy liner on her lower lids.

This update received over 15,000 likes.