Dolly Castro Pops Booty In Skintight Mini Dress


Dolly Castro shared a flirty, new Instagram post and it already has over 6,000 likes in the first half-hour since it went live. It was geotagged in Orange County, California.

The photo showed Dolly posing against a white wall in a skintight mini dress. She faced her right shoulder to the camera, as she popped her left leg. The model also looked down to her right for the shot, and smiled with her lips parted.

The ensemble was white with shiny jewels. The embellishments added a ton of sparkle, while she complemented the look with a pair of oversized earrings. The jewelry featured a large heart that was comprised of round jewels.

Thanks to the tight dress, Castro’s curves were on full display, including her derriere. The dress also featured an off-the-shoulder cut, which left her left shoulder bare.

The model’s makeup included light pink lipstick, along with silver eyeshadow. Dolly wore her hair down in a heavy left part, which had soft waves at the ends.

Dolly’s fans gushed about the model’s newest post in the comments section, with many who focused on the white ensemble.

“This dress is gorgeous,” said a fan.

“Obsessed with this dress,” said another fan.

“Looks amazing on you!” exclaimed a follower.

In addition, others took note of the captions, that revealed that she was expecting to enjoy a night out with her husband.

“That hubby lucky af,” commented a fan.

“Yo man is one lucky son of a gun!!” added another fan.

“Your Fiancé is one lucky man in this planet hope he’s treating you well like the queen you are cuz your very rare he might not know that but you are,” said a follower.

“Me can I be your hubby?” joked another follower.

While Dolly doesn’t usually post photos with her husband on her social media, she often refers to their outings together in the captions.

In addition, it’s also worth noting that many of Castro’s fans attempted to get clever with their compliments.

“If beauty were water, you would be the ocean,” said a fan.

“One in a million,” said another fan.

“I get those goosebumps every time,” declared a follower.

And that’s not to mention all of the short and sweet messages.

“Lovely. Perfect,” noted a fan.

“HOLYYYYY D*MNNN,” said another fan.

“Sweet Baby Jesus!!!” exclaimed a follower.

“I love the pictures you post,” noted an Instagram user.

For now, fans can hope for more revealing photos in the coming days.