Xbox 720 To Reportedly Have Skype Voice Calling Integration

Xbox 720 is apparently going to be more than just a gaming console with new reports hinting that Microsoft will be adding Skype voice calling integration. Microsoft’s impending answer to the Playstation 4 has been kept largely under wraps but details appear to be trickling out about what the new console will boast.

There has been talk about the fact that the newest Xbox will not be able to play used games and that it will have some sort of Windows 8 looking dashboard. If the rumors about the Windows 8 look turn out to be true, it would only make sense for Microsoft to integrate another of its trademarked offerings into the gaming device.

Talk around the Playstation 4 has been that there will be a lot of social networking features. The Xbox 720 may try to counter those offerings by having the ability to actually make Skype voice calls through the console.

Developers at Skype couldn’t confirm that the service would be coming to the new Xbox, but they also didn’t really quash the talk. In fact, Derek Snyder who is the head of mobile marketing for Skype seemed to go one step further saying:

“How does Skype enhance the gaming proposition? Of course Xbox has things with voice and messaging chat at the moment, but does video make sense for that case?”

The Xbox 360 already has an application called the ‘Smart Glass” that works alongside Windows based operating systems. It seems likely that something like that could be expanded to work with Skype across all the Windows platforms.

At the moment, just what is coming in the Xbox 720 is just rumors. Microsoft has taken the approach that they simply aren’t going to confirm or deny any of the rumors that have come up about the game console.

If The Xbox 720 has full Skype integration would that you make you any more likely to buy it?