Alexis Clark Shows Underboob In Cutout Swimsuit


Alexis Clark set Instagram on fire a week ago, when she shared a revealing photo of herself in a light yellow swimsuit.

The update was liked over 50,000 times, with plenty of fans gushing about her looks in the comments section.

The model was spotted posing in the swimsuit, as she faced the camera straight-on. Behind her, you could see a large, wooden beam, along with white walls and flooring.

Alexis’ swimsuit had a classic cut, save for a giant cutout in the center of the suit. This left her underboob on full display, along with her toned midriff. There were also two side ties on her hips in the same, yellow color. Plus, you could see a small “x” logo on the top left.

Clark placed her hands on her hips, while giving a wide smile for the camera. She rocked her hair in a half-up, half-down hairstyle, which she secured with a white scrunchie.

She kept things simple with no visible jewelry, except for a belly button ring.

Her fans had plenty of nice things to say, with many followers commenting on the color of the suit.

“This is like a banana pancakes color theme and I like it,” said a follower.

“Loveee this color on you,” gushed another follower.

“You look amazing in yellow!!” exclaimed a fan.

“Lemondrop,” added another fan.

Alexis also got several flirty messages.

“Let’s get married already lol,” joked a follower.

Plus, some people focused on different parts of her ensemble.

“Nice belly button ring it looks pretty,” said a fan.

“WOW! Absolutely gorgeous swimwear and your figure is so stunning my amazing friend and love your tan-lines!” complimented another fan.

And that’s not to mention all of the short and sweet messages from fans.

“So pretty,” said a follower.

“You have a really beautiful smile,” noted another follower, whose comments were echoed many times by other Instagram users.

“So sexy in that swim suit,” said a fan.

“Your body is the perfection. Truly Perfect,” declared another fan.

“Hoo else agrees best model in the world?” asked an Instagram user.

Plus, someone wanted to share their best wishes.

“Happy late birthday beautiful you are so sexy you look good in that bikini D*UM Wow morning,” they said.

Prior to this update, Alexis kept her fans on their toes with a shot of her bare derriere. She stood in a shallow pool, while rocking a red-and-yellow bikini with leopard-print.

This update received over 49,000 likes.