DNC Collects ‘Massive’ Trove Of Donald Trump Dirt, ‘Axios’ Reports, ‘What More Do They Need?’ Asks One Pundit

Alex WongGetty Images

The Democratic National Committee has spent months combing through thousands of lawsuits in all 50 states, collecting “a massive new trove” of what the Democrats hope will be damaging information on Donald Trump, according to an Axios report published on Sunday. But the revelation that the DNC has gone to great lengths to dig up dirt on Trump sparked disbelief among commentators online.

“What more do people need?????,” wrote former Democratic Party adviser Peter Daou, on his Twitter account.

Another Twitter pundit, author Kyle Cassidy, asked what new opposition research the DNC would require, other than “the CIA and FBI think he’s either a Russian spy or a moron.”

According to the Axios report, the DNC plans to “weaponize” the information in the “trove” of research, and that DNC Chair Tom Perez wants to “define” Trump in battleground states that he won in the 2016 election by using the president’s “specific actions and broken promises” against him. Among the research collected by the DNC opposition research project is “an extensive document” that compiles every instance in which Trump promised his supporters that Mexico would pay for the promised border wall.

In fact, Trump has now raided the U.S. military budget to pay for the wall, siphoning off $3.6 billion, according to a CNN report.

In addition to causing military construction projects to be cancelled, Trump’s grab of military funds for the proposed wall includes $450 million that would have gone to build schools on military bases, for the children of service members, according to Newsweek.

Though critics such as Daou expressed incredulity that the DNC needed more derogatory information on Trump beyond what is already in the public record, the DNC intends to use the new opposition research in highly targeted fashion, finding examples of what they say are Trump’s broken promises, not only to the country as a whole, but to local communities, according to an account by The Hill.

“Let’s say he goes to Youngstown, Ohio,” one DNC source said, quoted by The Hill. “We have everything he said, what he promised in 2016 to that community — maybe it’s ‘that bridge will be fixed’ — then we’ll show what’s actually happened since.”

Pulling details from local newspapers and TV broadcasts, according to Axios, the DNC has collected numerous quotes from farmers explaining how the tariffs imposed as part of Trump’s trade war with China have hurt them, along with numerous other examples of how individual Americans in local communities have been damaged by Trump policies.