Former ‘Teen Mom OG’ Farrah Abraham Apparently Gave Sophia The Boots On Instagram

Matt WinkelmeyerGetty Images

Some fans seemed to be scratching their metaphorical heads after Farrah Abraham uploaded yet another sparkly Instagram picture on September 8.

In the image, the former Teen Mom OG was accompanied by her 10-year-old daughter, Sophia. The pair appeared to be modeling in front of the Eiffel tower while Farrah held onto a trio of Louis Vuitton shopping bags. Meanwhile, the geotag for the upload said New York, New York instead of Paris, France.

In addition, the mother and daughter — both rocking dark sunglasses — were in a shot Farrah tagged with her own name. Also, Sophia was wearing what appeared to be rugged boots that seemed to be huge in comparison to the young girl’s petite frame.

The confusion was palpable.

“Sophia is wearing Louis Vuitton boots that are way too big.. must be photoshopped,” commented that one observant Instagram follower within less than an hour of the image being uploaded.

“This is the least disturbing thing about both of them, but what is with the photoshopped combat boot,” asked another like-minded follower.

Others were not shy when talking about the money that may or may not have changed hands before the photo was taken.

“Wow, she’ll be broke in 3 years!” said one person.

“So did you pay your lawsuits yet?” quipped another, adding a hashtag that said, “Franken Fraud Farrah.”

“Too bad she can’t pay her rent,” remarked yet another follower, who seemed snarky when adding a bunch of emoji. One was of a dark-haired female putting her arms up as if to ask, “What can I do?” Another showed a happy face dripping with sweat, and yet another indicated a person who was thinking about the subject at hand.

Other comments on the Instagram upload were directed at the way in which Farrah has been parenting her child.

“…the outfit you have your 10 year old daughter in today (Sunday) is disgusting…NYFW doesn’t mean dress your child like a dam hooker… you are so irrelevant the ONLY thing you have is shock value that will get you in the tabloids…pimping out your daughter is beyond reproach SHAME ON YOU!!!” stated a verbose follower, who added harsh hashtags that said “save Sophia” and “child exploitation.”–/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

Other comments concerning Sophia were with regard to her education.

“Sophia should be in school,” stated a concerned person.

“Cute pic! It’s such a great learning experience for her to be able to travel and experience these things! Looks like a fun trip!” stated one fan, who thought that the mother in the picture was going about giving life and other valuable lessons by traveling with her young daughter.

As if to satisfy at least some of the contradictory elements of this upload, Farrah Abraham captioned her newest social media photo with hashtags calling out Paris and New York Fashion Week. She then qualified the image, saying it was from a “dream photoshoot.”

At least some of the confusing elements from the former Teen Mom OG‘s September 8 Instagram post were clarified for the masses while at least one of her fervent Instagram followers was in favor of how the reality star has been raising her kid.