Sofia Bevarly Pops Out Of Green Bikini

Ethan MillerGetty Images

Sofia Bevarly shared a brand new bikini pic today, and it’s reached over 48,000 likes.

The photo showed the model leaning against the side of a bed as she smiled widely. She rocked a bikini that was a muted green with floral accents. The top was arguably too small for her, as her chest popped out. This also meant that her cleavage was on full display.

The model wore a matching pair of bikini bottoms and accessorized with one watch on her right wrist. Otherwise, she kept things simple and didn’t wear any rings or necklaces.

Bevarly also wore her hair down in a heavy right part, as her hair obscured the right side of her face. Regardless, it was possible to see that she rocked light pink lipstick and heavy eyeliner on both of her lids.

Sofia’s fans sent her tons of love in the comments section, including Hannah Palmer, fellow brand ambassador for KO Watches.

“Unreal!! So gorgeous,” she said.

“Thank you babe,” responded Bevarly.

The model takes the time to respond to some of her fans, which may partially account for her high follower count on social media.

“Giving guys everywhere a reason to go to the gym!” exclaimed a fan.

“Yyess! Motivation!” said Sofia.

There were also plenty of comments about her watch, which she promoted in the captions.

“I love green and oh yea your watch too,” said a follower.

“Is anybody really looking at a watch!! Unbelievable!” stated another follower.

“Oh, look at that. You’re wearing a watch. Didn’t notice,” joked a fan.

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But that wasn’t all, with plenty of fans gushing about the model’s fit body.

“Awh your absolutely beautiful girl x,” said a follower.

“The ‘gram isn’t readyyyy,” joked another follower.

“Very classy and pretty at the same time,” said a fan.

“Gorgeous love that smile hun,” complimented an Instagram user.

“Your just so darn adorable,” said a follower.

Plus, there were many followers that gushed about Sofia’s ensemble.

“WOW! Great bikini to go with all that beauty!” noted a fan.

“U match your bed!” said a fan.

“Did your bikini come with the bed sheets,” wondered another fan.

This isn’t to mention another social media post from three days ago, in which Sofia wore a pair of white bikini bottoms and a cropped hoodie. The first photo of the set showed her standing by a dark chair, as she placed her right hand in her hair.

This photo received over 49,000 likes.