Sierra Skye Shares Eagle-Eye View Of Curvy Bikini Bod

Sierra Skye shared a brand new bikini pic on Instagram today, and it has her fans talking.

The photo showed the model rocking a white bikini. It was unlike the white bikinis she wore in her recent posts, thanks to a shimmery, triangular accent that added dimension to her top. Meanwhile, the bottoms were small, and Sierra tied them high on her waist.

Skye's new photo was also notable for its angle, as it was taken from above her. This gave fans a look at her toned bod from an eagle-eye view, as she placed her legs together and arched her back slightly.

Sierra also looked extremely tan, and placed her hands in front of her face to shield the bright sun from her eyes. For this reason, it was hard to see her face, which she turned to her left.

And although the update wasn't geotagged, she shared a photo yesterday that revealed she was at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, which is in Las Vegas.

Since the model also posted a birthday shout-out to her lover recently, it's possible that the duo are enjoying a bit of gambling to commemorate her partner's special day.

Fans seemed to love the new bikini pic, as they raved about Sierra's looks in the comments section.

"Obsessed with that bikini," said a fan.

Others wanted to know the secret to her toned body.

"Work out routine?" wondered a fan.

"Runs to gym," joked another fan.

Meanwhile, there were plenty of folks that referred to Sierra's captions.

"You are perfect," said a follower.

"I love those curves! I will take the first flight," joked another follower.

"Here is where I want to be then," declared a fan.

One fan, in particular, noticed something that Sierra could use.

"Someone get this woman an umbrella!" they exclaimed.

"Facetune or real I think this angel is real," gushed a follower.

"The most incredibly sexy girl... is you!" complimented another follower.

But that wasn't all, as plenty of followers focused on Skye's body.

"Love this body my sexy girl," said a fan.

"Your beautiful body is a piece of art! you are made for love! You are the perfect woman!" said another fan.

"I bet your pale as h*ll without the tan. Lol. Jk. Your a beauty," joked a follower.

And one follower had a special request.

"More dancing vids... That was nice," they said, referring to Sierra's recent twerking video.