Kendall Jenner Is Model Perfect From Head To Toe

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Kendall Jenner has been a frequent Instagram uploader during the past few days as New York Fashion Week has played out while featuring the model member of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians tribe. Early on Sunday, the lanky lady flaunted what The Inquisitr believed to be the shortest frock the 23-year-old had ever rocked via social media.

The Longchamp dress was anything but predictable according to the knowledgable source.

“The fabrics afforded an outerwear feel by virtue of their near-quilted nature, with two waist-placed zips drawing the eye to Kendall’s slim torso. The micro-sized materials were mostly yellow, although dark leather piping at the sleeves and neck jazzed things up a bit.”

While wearing the designer garment, Kendall depended on her standout legs to carry off this sartorial sensation. Actually, the designer dress could have been worn as a top if the garment’s buyer wasn’t as confident about her pins as this member of the illustrious Jenner-Kardashian clan seemed to be.

Meanwhile, Kendall proved that she isn’t just all legs in an Instagram share the stunning celebrity posted later in the day on September 8. She did so by uploading a portrait of her striking face that was all made up and ready to hit the nearest runway.

Her makeup was subtle yet provocative. She wore a pretty pale pink lipstick paired with a slightly darker liner that made her pretty pucker stand out a bit more than if she had decided not to be so bold. Her lashes had been dipped in black mascara, making fans wonder whether or not those important hairs sitting on here eyelids were borrowed.

As for her cheeks? They had been treated to a light touch of blush and the beauty’s flawlessly groomed eyebrows were enhanced with a bit of color, too.

Also an important part of Kendall’s most recent social media upload to date, the top model’s dark brown hair — parted in the middle — was so shiny that her brunette mop begged to be featured in a high-end shampoo commercial.

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In general, Kylie Jenner’s big sister was praised high and low by a healthy number of her 115.5 million Instagram followers. Nearly a million showed they liked her image within less than half an hour of being shared, while 6,139 fans spoke up about how they cumulatively felt about the fresh headshot.

“Love you Kenny!” said one admirer, who added a red heart emoji before stating, “Also love 2 posts in one day!” That part was followed by a happy face emoji and three more red heart emoji.

“Queen,” announced a second fan, while a third was also to-the-point while stating “beautiful.”

“KENDALL OMG YOU ARE JUST SO STUNNY UGH STOP IT,” shouted a fourth fan, who apparently couldn’t make up her mind if she should call Kenny “stunning” or “funny” so she seemed to lovingly combine the two endearing terms.

With all of that said on and about her Sunday Instagram shares, Kendall Jenner proved to be a popular personality — from her very pretty top to her very enviable bottom.