Erica Mena Shows Major Skin In Blue Leopard-Print Dress

John SciulliGetty Images

Erica Mena shared a new photo today on Instagram, and it showed her rocking a very revealing dress. She also stood next to Safaree, and revealed in the captions that they were embarking on their wedding day.

Mena’s dress not only had a plunge neckline, but it also had a super high slit on the right side. So much so, that the sides of her body were pretty much completely exposed, from right below her chest all the way down to her toes. The exposed sides were only held together with black, criss-crossed ribbon that she laced up.

Erica also accessorized with a necklace and stud earrings. Her shoes were a pair of strappy black sandals. They featured a couple of bedazzled straps.

She smiled at Safaree as she placed her hand under his chin. Meanwhile, Safaree looked at the camera in a black jacket suit and pants. He also wore a black-and-white dress shirt underneath, as his watch peeked through on his left wrist.

The photo was geotagged at the Waldorf Astoria, and the pair posed for the photo on the rooftop deck.

Erica’s fans seemed happy to hear the news about it being her wedding day in New York. There were plenty of people that sent their best wishes to the couple.

“I know this is about to be a wedding of a lifetime,” said a fan.

“Idc what nobody say yal look so cute & happy together! Lol cancer and Scorpios balance each other out wish nothing but happiness & many blessings to yal relationship,” noted another fan.

Plus, it sounded like there were fans that are looking forward to seeing photos from the ceremony.

“I can’t wait to see the gown you will wear I know it will be [fire]…. you two compliment each other perfectly,” said a follower, who used three fire emoji to make their point.

And there was also plenty of love for not just Mena, but for the two of them as a couple.

“Why are you guys so fabulous???!!! It’s too much,” gushed a fan.

“I know yall get mad hate but I love both of yall and now yall together is dope asf cant wait to see the wedding and the beautiful babies,” said another fan.

Fans can only hope that Erica will share photos from the wedding on her social media. Considering that she usually does a great job of keeping up with her followers, it’s pretty likely that she will.

In the meantime, people can keep an eye on her Instagram stories for any sneak peek photos or videos from her big day.