It’s ‘Biscuit Week’ On ‘The Great British Baking Show’


It was biscuit week on The Great British Baking Show and for the American audience, these weren’t your ordinary cookies

AV Club reported that biscuit week was on after losing the first contestant last week baking cakes. The challengers came to play, baking their hearts out with everyone’s favorite, with a twist.

The first order of the day was to make a bar cookie which must be enrobed in chocolate, and the instructions stated that “they need to bake a cookie and include it, along with some form of filling, in a chocolate shell.”

Everyone had their own interpretation of the instructions. Steph chose coffee flavors for her bars, while Henry decided to go big with six layers with a variety of textures and flavors. Jamie had a bit of a disaster, but while they looked strange, judge Paul Hollywood said that they didn’t taste terrible. Jamie joked that he hoped that the bars would taste better than they looked, but no such luck.

The technical challenge is what Hollywood is calling a fig roll, but here in the United States, we call them Fig Newtons, no disrespect meant to Nabisco.

While Jamie has another misstep, putting an egg wash on his fig roll like one would a sausage roll, others fought with their dough, trying to get the right texture and right color.

Kate Kulzick, the recapper for AV Club said that none of the Newtons, or fig rolls, look like what Hollywood was expecting.

“Helena struggles mightily and winds up last, Jamie’s odd choice to egg wash his rolls—despite no mention of this in the recipe—puts him second to last, and the next several lowest-ranked bakers all get points off for having uneven pastry or unevenly shaped and sized rolls, or for over-spicing their fig paste.”

The showstopper, as always is the coup de grace, and as Judge Prue says, they have to taste as good as they look. While Rosie the veterinarian immortalizes the family chicken, Alice walks away with the star baker, building a New Zealand lamb out of gingerbread and macarons.

Sadly, Jamie, who seems sweet, is headed home. While he is a decent baker, and judging by the social media comments, “eye candy,” he is in over his head in the Berkshire tent.

Next week, Paul Hollywood, known as the king of bread will be harshly judging his favorite week with braids, twists, and bruschetta.