Tarsha Whitmore Pops Eyes In Neon Snakeskin Two-Piece On The Beach

Tarsha Whitmore is back in beachwear. The Australian model and social media sensation rarely goes a week without including at least several beach-appropriate look. While many of the 19-year-old's updates feature bikinis or one-pieces, this adventurous model will stretch to more unusual outfits. Today, Tarsha rocked an eye-popping palette from a mesh crop top and micro skirt two-piece. While this look could work in today's urban fashion trends, it is listed under beachwear on the Oh Polly website.

Tarsha's photo today came straight from the beach, with a Gold Coast, Queensland, geotag helpfully placing the model in her native Australia. Tarsha trots around the globe often, but she does spend time back in her home country. The blonde appeared alone in her photo; in fact, she seemed to have the entire beach to herself. The empty shore and lapping waters in the background were serene, but Tarsha was heating things up.

The model was kneeling on the sandy shores in a super-bright ensemble, with the snakeskin materials getting a double wow injection from a neon-green shade. The star's taut stomach and curvy waist were on show. Tarsha doesn't need a cleavage-flashing to make her fans sweat.

With cute string ties on the skirt's waist, this look also ticked boxes for femininity, but there was no denying that the racy animal prints and electric hues were taking center stage.

Tarsha's update today quickly proved popular, racking up over 5,400 likes within the span of an hour. The same time frame brought over 90 fans to the post's comments section. A quick glance suggests that just about everybody was digging the look. Tarsha was praised for her fierce sense of style, killer body, and the tan that her followers still can't get over.Today saw Tarsha act as an influencer for the brand she is most loyal to; her Instagram bio announces her status as an Oh Polly ambassador, and the model takes her role seriously. Fans regularly see shout-outs made to the affordable clothing label, although Tarsha will name-drop other brands. Fashion Nova and Lounge Underwear have both recently appeared on the star's feed, although an Oh Polly mention likely nets her the most cash. Tarsha even appears on Oh Polly's website, with fellow model and British star Demi Rose doing the same.It's been a while since Tarsha rocked anything green, although animal prints have recently appeared on the model's Instagram via bikinis. As to the bright colors, that's somewhat of a trademark for Tarsha. Fans wishing to see more of this beauty should follow her Instagram.