Kim Kardashian Slammed For Allegedly Swiping Beyonce & Cardi B’s Looks In Desert Photoshoot: See The Pics

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

Given her status as a style queen, it’s rare for Kim Kardashian to be accused of swiping anyone else’s looks. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star’s latest Instagram update appears to have done just that, though — and not just from one celebrity. Fan responses to the 38-year-old’s photo-heavy update today quickly saw her slammed for allegedly having swiped outfits worn by both Beyoncé and Cardi B.

Kim’s photos for today’s post came from her Vogue Arabia shoot. Other snaps from that shoot appeared on the star’s feed at the end of August, with The Inquisitr documenting the post. Today’s photos included a few images similar to the August ones, although they delivered a different finish by virtue of some new outfits. Kim was also seen prepping with a glam squad, plus rolling to the desert setting in a buggy. All images showed the black or white outfits worn for the magazine feature, with statement slanted or swirl headwear matching the dresses.

Comments quickly poured in.

“Look like Beyonce” was a comment racking up 108 likes in the space of an hour.

“Beyonce didn’t stay alive for this,” another fan wrote.

“@beyonce already did that” was a third comment echoing the sentiment.

Comparison-related responses did appear to fall into two solid categories: while one set of users seemed convinced that the KKW Beauty founder had swiped her look from the Lemonade singer, others were going down the Cardi B route.

“Cardi wore it better,” a fan stated.

“Didn’t @iamcardib wear that first?” another asked.

“Did Kim just copy cardi b cause cardi had that dress for the Grammys” saw a third fan agreeing with others.

Countless other replies came in likening the KKW Beauty founder’s looks to either Beyonce or Cardi B. Of course, Beyonce has statement headwear as part of her identity, with images on the singer’s Instagram regularly showcasing her in bold and eye-catching hats. As for Cardi B, the hat-donning may be less frequent, but rocking the Grammy Awards in a statement outfit tends to leave its mark.

While fans may find themselves arguing that Kim did appear to be emulating the two singers, she seemed to have added her own statement piece: chunky sneakers. Kim’s shoe of choice has now become somewhat of a signature deal with her. Even racy evening-wear did not stop the star from donning husband Kanye West’s famous Yeezy footwear.

Despite the slamming and confusion, Kim’s update proved popular overall, racking up over 520,000 likes in the space of one hour. Fans wishing to see more of Kim should follow the star’s Instagram.