‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Scott’s Desperation Has Him Seeking Help From An Unlikely Source

Craig SjodinABC Press

Franco is insistent that he is leaving Port Charles as soon as he gets the ankle monitor off, but this week on General Hospital, it will be a race to make sure that doesn’t happen. Both Elizabeth and Scott are desperate to keep their loved one from taking off. They know that he may never come back if he should leave town, so it’s time to do whatever it takes to keep him there. Liz has already formed a plan, but Scott will take it one step further.

The General Hospital preview that was shown on Friday had Scott desperately telling some unseen person that they were his only hope. Who could that person be? SheKnows Soaps also teases that Sonny Corinthos will be trying to bargain with someone. Spoilers detail that Scott will be going to Sonny to beg for his help with Franco. It looks like the encounter between these two men may happen on Monday’s episode.

The print edition of Soap Opera Digest reveals that Scott makes a desperate move. His desperation to get his son back begins with seeking Sonny’s help with keeping Franco in town. Since Sonny has plenty of secret places to hide his loved ones for a while, it appears that maybe Scott wants the mobster to “kidnap” Franco and hold him against his will until Andre Maddox can try to restore his memories.

Why would Sonny help Scott, especially with Franco? After all, he was the one who terrorized Jason and Sam years ago. Sonny may just use this as a bargaining chip to get something useful out of Scott. That bargain may possibly have something to do with Shiloh. Scott is just desperate enough to do whatever Sonny wants at this point.

According to the magazine, this is basically a backup plan just in case Liz’s plan to use the law to have Franco committed to a mental institution fails. In the meantime, her husband is living Drew Cane’s life, and that means he is in love with Kim Nero.

Also this week on General Hospital, Kim will do something that will have her completely rattled. It sounds like she and “Frew” will do something that she may totally regret. Will Drew’s memories of their past relationship be too much for her to handle?

Be sure to watch General Hospital this week to see if Sonny will give into Scott’s pleas for help with Franco.