Lauren Duggar Shows Off Growing Baby Bump While Shopping With Husband Josiah

It won't be long now before Josiah and Lauren Duggar welcome their rainbow baby into the world. Their little girl is due this fall and that means it's getting down to the wire preparing for the big event. On Saturday, the couple did some shopping for their new little one and it looks like they found some pretty good deals.

It appears that many of the Duggar family members headed to a big sale at a consignment shop near their home in Arkansas. Josiah and Lauren shared a cute video clip via Instagram stories of their shopping excursion. The expectant mom appeared to be quite excited as she looked around at all of the cute baby clothes and gear for her daughter. As Josiah scanned the huge warehouse full of clothing items, you could see that there were different sections to choose from.

Lauren was wearing a green maternity dress that she revealed she bought from Target, which showed off her huge baby bump. She also wore tan-colored sandals and sunglasses that she had perched on top of her head while inside. In the videos, she was hunting through some pink clothing items. She also found a baby seat that she had been looking for, expressing how excited she was to find one. The Duggar daughter-in-law apparently got a really good deal on the seat, paying only $45 for it instead of the usual $200. She said finding the seat for such a good price totally made her day.

Lauren wasn't the only one who got in on the shopping action. She filmed her husband looking at shelves full of toys and other knickknacks. While a music box initially grabbed his attention, he selected a spinning globe off the shelf to buy.

Josiah and Lauren announced in May that they were expecting another baby, just months after they lost their unborn baby boy due to a miscarriage last October. In June, the Counting On couple revealed that they were having a girl this time.

This new baby is just one of several granddaughters for Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar that will be arriving this fall. Josh and Anna, Joe and Kendra, and John and Abbie, are all also expecting girls in the next few months. In addition, Jessa Seewald delivered a healthy baby girl in May. She and husband Ben are now parents to three little ones.

The new season of Counting On will feature all of the pregnancies, and possibly the upcoming births, if they should happen before the season is over. Look for some special moments happening on TLC this fall.