‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Tommy Bracco Reveals Huge Secret About Christie Murphy, Fans Think He Blew His Game

Monty BrintonCBS

Warning: This article contains live feed spoilers for Big Brother 21.

Tommy Bracco may have just blown his Big Brother game. After keeping his real-life relationship with fellow contestant Christie Murphy a secret for more than 80 days, the Staten Island native spilled the beans during a chat with power players Jackson Michie and Holly Allen.

In live feed footage posted by the Big Brother spoiler account @BBPissed, Tommy shared his secret as Holly was shading Christie, who was the most recent evictee in the Big Brother game.

“I want to tell you guys something,” Tommy told the pair. “I knew Christie before coming into this house. Let’s keep this between us….Her ex-girlfriend is my aunt.”

A mortified Holly began to apologize for her trash talk about Christie, then added that she had “wondered” about their relationship at points during the Big Brother game. Indeed, Tommy did save Christie from eviction twice by using the Power of Veto on her, so his loyalty to her was apparent throughout the game.

At that point, the live feeds were cut off as viewers were faced with the dreaded Big Brother fish tank. Later, Tommy was heard telling Jackson and Holly that he “had to go with it because of who she was.”

The Big Brother showmancers then offered Tommy their support and hugged him. After Tommy left the room, they said they feel sorry for his aunt.

It should be noted that Christie is now one of the jurors on the CBS reality show. Unless Jackson and Holly both make it to the Big Brother finale, whoever is evicted first will likely tell the other jurors about Christie and Tommy’s unfair advantage in the game.

Christie Murphy, Cliff Hogg and Tommy Bracco in the Big Brother House
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Now that Tommy has revealed that he knew Christie outside of the house, Big Brother live feed watchers feel he may have just blown his chance at the game’s $500,000 grand prize. Some viewers called Tommy’s confession “the dumbest move” in Big Brother history.

You can see some of the reaction to Tommy’s bombshell news about Christie below.

No matter how Tommy’s revelation plays out, Christie will probably be surprised that the duo’s secret was spilled before finale night. Christie spent some of her time in the Big Brother house speculating about the relationship between Holly and Kat Dunn, who reportedly have previously crossed paths in pageant circles.

In a post-Big Brother interview with Gold Derby, Christie also speculated on what the other houseguests’ reactions will be when they find out about the real-life history between her and Tommy.

“I think they [will] think it would be quite hypocritical of us,” Christie admitted. “It’s funny because I didn’t speculate about them to deter people from finding out me and Tommy knew each other. I genuinely think Holly and Kat know each other. I think the houseguests will be surprised when they find out about me and Tommy. Hopefully not angry, but shocked.”

You can see Tommy’s reveal to Jackson and Holly on the live feeds below.

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