Prince Charles Gets Dragged Into Prince Andrew's Alleged Tiff With A Royal Aide

Things are getting rougher in the royal family between Prince Andrew and his family members over the Jeffrey Epstein matter, and a recent argument between the Duke of York and a top aide led to bigger problems that forced Prince Charles to step in.

The Daily Mail reported that a close friend of Prince Andrew shared that the Duke of York and an aide got into a heated argument, but the source claims that despite reports, it didn't become physical.

Prince Andrew has been under tremendous scrutiny as a result of the investigation into Jeffrey Epstein, pedophilia, and allegations that the prince might have played a role.

A top aide tried to talk to the Duke of York about the Weinstein issue, and the prince reportedly lost his temper. The source explained that the prince was "very cross."

'There were heated words on both sides but the altercation was in no way physical. It was a verbal dispute. It was a work-related issue. The Duke got very cross that what he wanted wasn't possible."
Prince Charles was told about the quarrel and spoke to his brother and asked him to apologize to the royal aide who reportedly had worked at the palace for some time.
The source continued, saying that Prince Andrew didn't see the need for an apology and downplayed the argument.
"The Duke explained the situation to the Prince of Wales and left it at that. There was no apology because there was nothing to apologize for. The Duke maintains a good relationship with the Prince of Wales."
Palace sources shared that it wouldn't be unusual for Prince Charles to mediate when there are issues, so that part rings true. Prince Charles is the heir to the throne, and as he will have to deal with inside the palace conflicts in the future, he often opts for a mediating role.

Prince Charles is known as someone who likes to stay well-informed and likes to help out when he can.

Prince Andrew continues to struggle as he has been forced to clear his calendar and has turned off the comments on his Instagram page. Buckingham Palace strongly denies that Prince Andrew did anything wrong when it comes to the Epstein investigation, but the rumors still linger.

A woman claims that while she was still a minor, she was forced to have sex with the Duke of York by Epstein.