Blac Chyna Exposes Curvy Booty In Newsprint Bodysuit

Mike CoppolaGetty Images

Blac Chyna shared a series of three Instagram posts today, all of which showed her in the same outfit and in the same backdrop.

The newest post, however, was arguably the most revealing. It consisted of three pictures, with the first one showing Chyna sitting on the edge of a car with her derriere on full display.

The bodysuit that she wore hugged her every curve, and featured newsprint. The writing was in Japanese, and the cut of the bodysuit included a high turtleneck, long sleeves, and a thong bottom.

Chyna added a pop of color in the otherwise monochromatic backdrop with a colorful wig. It was neon green, and extremely long. So much so, that her hair seemed to extend all the way down to her knees.

Blac also rocked eye-catching makeup. It consisted of a heavy cat eye that extended an inch past her eye, along with dark purple eyeshadow. Her lips also popped, thanks to the glossy color.

Between the three Instagram updates, there were plenty of adoring comments from Chyna’s fans.

“Another Day, Another Slay,” said a fan.

“I’m early so pretend I said something funny and make this top comment,” asked another fan, who seemed to be more worried about themselves than Chyna’s pictures.

There were also many people that referred to the bodysuit in the comments.

“READ ALL ABOUT ITTTTT,” exclaimed a fan.

“Press press press chyna don’t need no press!” said another fan.

“Ur always front page news,” complimented a follower.

“Oh no you did not bring back news paper print but it look sick though,” said another follower.

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The newest Instagram photos also led fans to leave compliments about her body.

“These pics are so fire,” said a fan.

“You really didn’t have to snap this hard luv,” said another fan.

“Your buns look cute!!!!!!!!” exclaimed a follower.

Even so, a hater snuck into the comments. Blac’s fans had her back, however.

“Why must women parade around with their butt out?” asked an Instagram user.

“Why must other women feel offended and comment on what other women want to do with their bodies?” responded a fan.

And this isn’t to mention the second photo from the series, which showed Chyna standing up in the front seat of the sports car. She leaned forward and placed her arm on the front window, and rocked a pair of sunglasses, which she touched with her right hand.