‘Great British Baking Show’ Judge Paul Hollywood Battles His Estranged Wife & Girlfriend In Court

Anthony HarveyGetty Images

Paul Hollywood, the star baker and judge of the Great British Baking Show, had just gotten through divorce negotiations with his estranged wife and is now going to court with his most recent girlfriend, former bartender, Summer Monteys-Fullam.

The Daily Mail shared that Hollywood has been under a lot of stress over the last few months, negotiating with his estranged wife Alexandra, and now accusing Monteys-Fullam of selling stories about him to the tabloids.

Paul Hollywood is refusing to back down after receiving a letter from Brett Wilson, the London-based law firm acting for the former barmaid who recently was kicked out of the baker’s home when the two broke up. Instead, Hollywood’s lawyer, Tom Amlot, has written a stern reply, and they are headed to court.

Paul and Alexandra Hollywood are still negotiating the terms of their split as they are having difficulty working them out. That case won’t be heard until the end of the year.

Friends say that when it comes to dealing with Summer Monteys-Fullam, Hollywood doesn’t plan to give in.

“Paul’s view is that Summer hasn’t got a leg to stand on and he is in no mood to give in to this. He doesn’t intend to apologize nor indeed pay Summer any money, because he believes his words were true. The ball is now in Summer’s court and she isn’t giving in either.”

But sources say that Monteys-Fullam is denying that she did anything wrong and is demanding an apology from Hollywood. Their breakup occurred when Hollywood’s girlfriend refused to sign a nondisclosure agreement he had drawn up by his lawyer.

“Summer wants an apology from Paul for what he said in public about her – she is absolutely furious. Paul has bitten off so much more than he can chew here, especially with his forthcoming hearing with Alex.”

Meanwhile, the former barmaid has moved on and is said to be dating a fellow horseback riding enthusiast.

The Great British Baking Show judge’s summer got off to a bad start when Alex Hollywood was granted a divorce on account of the baker’s adultery, leaving her with the advantage in negotiating the terms of their divorce settlement, explains The Inquisitr.

The judge stated that the marriage was broken irretrievably after Alexandra Hollywood proved that the baker had cheated on her previously before he dated Monteys-Fullam, who he reportedly met while arranging a party for his now-estranged wife.