‘Storage Wars’ Fans Fear Brandi Passante & Jarrod Schulz Have Split

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Unfortunately for Storage Wars fans, it appears as if Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz may have called it quits after being together for nearly two decades.

According to Starcasm, neither Brandi nor Jarrod has issued an official statement confirming whether they have split up. Passante’s Instagram activity as of late, however, doesn’t look like that of a woman who is still in a committed relationship with Jarrod.

A quick scroll through Brandi’s Instagram profile reveals a smattering of tours, trips, and excursions. About a week ago, Brandi even shared a sizzling snapshot of herself rocking a “fruity” and “fabulous” bikini.

The bikini snap has accumulated more than 23,000 likes and just shy of 1,500 comments inside of a week. One individual jested about how they’ve been waiting to see the Brandi in a bikini since she first appeared on Storage Wars. Another individual penned that Jarrod was a “lucky man.”

The reason Starcasm and fans have started to grow concerned that the Storage Wars couple was no longer an item is because in all of these fun pictures of Brandi having one incredible trip after another, Jarrod is nowhere to be found.

In her most recent selfie, which was posted to her Instagram less than 12 hours ago, fans of the Storage Wars couple have begun to voice their concerns.

One individual questioned if she was still in a relationship with Jarrod or whether did the spotlight associated with being on Storage Wars ruin it.

“Really hope you and jarrod are still together,” a second fan penned.

A different individual responded to the hopeful comment by noting that Brandi looked fantastic in her Instagram posts as of late and had clearly “moved on to bigger and better things.”

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A little fruity and a little fabulous..

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Several individuals posted nothing more than Jarrod’s name with a question mark after it as they wanted to know why he wasn’t showing up in any of her pictures.

There were even a few individuals who just boldly asked whether she and Jarrod were still an item. A couple of individuals criticized her for being “too Hollywood” to respond to the demands for answers regarding her relationship.

Calling attention to the bikini snap, Starcasm notes that viewers who avert their eyes from Brandi’s curvy assets to focus on her hand will notice she is no longer rocking an engagement ring. While the duo certainly acted like a married couple during their time on Storage Wars, they never officially tied the knot.

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My whole heart

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Unfortunately, Jarrod’s Instagram feed offers nothing in terms of clues regarding the status of their relationship.

Without an official statement, all Storage Wars fans can do is continue to stalk Brandi’s Instagram and hope for answers.