Jen Selter Displays Ripped Abs In Tie Dye Outfit

Jen Selter shared a new Instagram video earlier today, and it showed her rocking a colorful ensemble.

The outfit consisted of a matching tie dye cropped sweater and shorts. They featured bright rainbow colors. Jen was seen walking around outside, as she played with the hood of the sweater. She also struck several poses, all while showing off her toned abs.

She wore her hair down, and looked to be having a great time.

The video also appeared to be taken as the sun was setting, as Jen was drenched in a golden glow for a couple of the clips.

At one point, she popped her left foot and looked over at the camera with a seductive look. The shorts were so small that part of her derriere was left on full display.

Even though the post has only been live for 15 minutes, it has garnered over 28,000 views so far.

Jen's captions led to a ton of back and forth between her fans about whether she ought to consider a move to Los Angeles, or whether she should stay put in New York City.

"No nyc loves u," said a fan.

"Be a snow bird. Get out of NY for the winter. You can't fully leave the east coast!!" encouraged another fan.

Others gave detailed reasons for why Selter shouldn't abandon her current home base.

"No. It's too much driving everywhere plus hearthquakes. NY is better," said a fan.

"No, this notion that only LA and NYC are for creative professionals and content creators is stupid and needs to stop," declared another fan.

But there were also some followers that were feeling Jen's notion of moving west.

"Do it! Follow the moving west trend," said a follower.

"West Coast is the best coast," said another follower.

Other fans were distracted by Jen's video, and didn't mention her dilemma.

"Tye dye just made an epic comeback with this outfit," said a fan.

"Absolutely gorgeous," said another fan.

"Looking flawless as always so inspiring Jen!" exclaimed a follower.

"How are you so perfect!!" wondered another follower.

"A big hug from Argentina," added an international fan.

Only time will tell whether Jen is seriously considering a move to the West Coast or not. It's not unusual for the fitness model to travel often, however.

But if the comments on her video are any indication, it sounds like many of her fans would be sad to see her leave New York City.