IEBC Kenya Results Updated Despite Delays, Election Doctoring Denied

IEBC Kenya Results Updated Despite Delays, Election Doctoring Denied

The IEBC Kenya election results have been delayed again. Despite charges of election doctoring, the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) is doing everything they can to deliver the Kenyan Presidential elections results as fast as possible.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, five years ago, the Kenya Presidential elections were plagued by violence that killed more than 1,110 people. The current IEBC Kenya results for the Prime Minister race show Uhuru Kenyatta to be in the lead by a significant amount for the moment.

As of today, Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta is in the lead with 5,159,344 votes. Mr. Raila Odinga is trailing behind with 4,516,660 votes. Considering that around 10 million Kenyans were expected to vote, even though manual tallying has delayed things, we might expect the winner of the Kenya Presidential race to be announced today, Friday the 8.

Erik Hersman, a Nairobi-based technology blogger and co-founder of Ushahidi, says the IEBC Kenya election results were delayed by technical issues but that no one should be pointing fingers:

“One of the main flaws was that people out in the field had trouble syncing the data. What went wrong and who did what is not important. What’s important is understanding the problem so that credibility can be maintained.”

IEBC CEO James Oswago dispelled rumors going round that he had been arrested or was dead, but admitted that he was stressed and tired:

“The results we are announcing are credible and reflect the will of the people who voted in those constituencies. We have now received all the work and is now at different stages being worked on. The commission will provide all the documents that will be needed by the public to be looked at.”

In addition, IEBC chairman Isaack Hassan has denied claims by Cord coalition that the IEBC commission is “doctoring” the presidential election results:

“Hassan said that the results cannot be ‘doctored’ by the commission since the documents submitted by Returning Officers are audited and verified before they are announced. Dismissing allegations by Cord that some results announced at some constituencies were exceeding the number of registered voters, Hassan said that according to the law where such happens then the results are automatically cancelled. He also denied claims that there were divisions in the commission and there were no forces pushing them to announce the results in favor of any candidate.”

What do you think about the IEBC Kenya election results so far? Do you think the IEBC has committed election fraud by “doctoring” the manually tallied results?