Jasmine Sanders Shows Her Peach In A Sheer Dress

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Jasmine Sanders shared a new Instagram update, and it consisted of five photos.

Even though the post has only been live for half an hour, it’s already garnered over 22,000 likes.

The photos all showed Jasmine rocking the same outfit in the city. She rocked a gold dress, which was made in a sheer fabric with very flowy panels for the skirt.

The top of the dress also had a very low scoop neck, which allowed the model to show off her cleavage.

Sanders wore her hair up in a high ponytail with luxurious curls that cascaded down her upper back.

In the first photo of the set, Jasmine was spotted mid-stride as she crossed a street. She looked over her left shoulder at the camera, as she held a small handbag in her right hand. Some of her sideboob was left exposed, as she gave a flirty look with her lips slightly parted.

Plus, the second photo showed Jasmine’s look from the front, as she emerged from a glass door. This angle revealed that she sported a bodysuit underneath.

The third photo showed off Sanders’ look from behind. This image revealed that the bodysuit she wore was a thong-cut, and the sheer nature of the dress left her derriere on full display.

Some of Jasmine’s fans reacted to her captions in the comments section.

“That caption is just SO GOOD,” said a fan.

“That’s what I was gone tell you,” joked another fan.

Meanwhile, plenty of people seemed stunned by the model’s ensemble.

“Beauty inside & out,” said a follower.

“Why are you so BAD?!!!!! Slayyyyy,” said another follower.

“YES to all of this,” exclaimed an Instagram user.

That was hardly all, as fans kept the compliments coming.

“Finest woman in the [planet],” declared a fan, who used the earth emoji.

“Nearly drop my phone like d*mn,” said another fan.

“How are you even real,” asked a follower.

“Omg she’s hot af,” noted another follower.

In addition, Sanders’ fans gushed about her dress.

“Ooooooooo gurl!!!! So so so perfect! Obsessed with you friend!” said a fan.

“How long was traffic stopped for @golden_barbie,” asked another fan, who noticed the backdrop.

“This is look is pure gold,” said a follower, who seemingly referred to the actual color of Jasmine’s outfit.

“Omg jasmine!!! You look so gorgeous girl. So pretty. Love this look,” complimented another follower.

One fan, in particular, posed an interesting question.

“Rihanna or Jasmine?” they asked.

Plus, one follower made it sound as though they personally knew the model.

“Goooooooo Jasmine! @golden_barbie thanks for that birthday love sis… see ya soon,” they said.

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