Ashanti Gets Drenched & Grabs Bare Chest

Leon BennettGetty Images

Ashanti shared a brand new bikini pic, and it has her fans going wild. Although the Instagram photo has been live for only 10 minutes, it’s already reached over 13,000 likes.

The photo showed Ashanti emerging from a pool, as she wore a pair of string bikini bottoms and no top. She placed her hands on her bare chest, as she wore an elaborate, beaded necklace with layers of small pearls. The pearls were broken up by clusters of what looked like diamonds. Meanwhile, the top of the necklace was made up of a thick, orange string.

Ashanti’s pose also revealed her elaborate manicure, which featured white, pearly nail polish and bling on her index fingers and her left pinkie.

She completed her look with a dazzling pair of earrings, which peeked through in the shot. She also wore a bracelet on her right wrist.

The singer looked drenched, as she looked down and gave a full pout while wearing dark red lipstick. She also rocked metallic brown eyeshadow, along with long, fake lashes.

At the same time, Ashanti wore her hair in super long braids, as some of her hair fell down in front of the right side of her face and into the water.

Ashanti’s new photo had one fan leaving a flirty comment, despite having a girlfriend.

“Hopefully my girl don’t see this but I’m hey boo,” said a fan.

The photo also led some followers to declare their love for the singer.

“On one knee wedding ring today lol,” joked a follower.

“One day just not here yet my love,” said another follower.

In addition, there were plenty of people who expressed their adoration for Ashanti in creative ways.

“Nelly punching the air right now,” joked a fan.

“Your a national treasure lol,” said another fan.

“Yasssssss come thru Ms.Ashanti,” exclaimed a follower.

“Your energy intrest me,” said another follower.

But that wasn’t all, as some people referred to Ashanti’s music career.

“Thank You for all the great music you make. God Bless,” noted a fan.

Other followers focused on her toned body.

“I need to print this pic and put it on my treadmill,” said a fan.

“Yassssss Ashanti!! What waist?!?” exclaimed another fan.

“Do u have a swim suite line? If not that should be ur next Boss move sis,” advised a follower.

“Your body is so good your body is so right,” said another follower.