Love The Oceans Names A Whale Shark After Archie Mountbatten-Windsor

Dominic LipinskiGetty Images

Love The Oceans, a charity featured as a Force for Change by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, has thanked the couple for their generosity and the additional exposure by naming a whale shark after their firstborn, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

The Daily Mail reports that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle chose 15 charities for the month of August, including Love The Oceans, as part of their nonprofit organization formed when they split with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for their charitable endeavors.

The organization sent an Instagram thank you note to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, sharing a photo of Archie, the baby whale shark.

“One month on from being recognized as a #forceforchange by @sussexroyal and we’re super appreciative of the exposure we’ve gained from them shining a light on us. As a thank you we have just named one of our juvenile whale sharks ‘Archie’! Welcome to the Love The Oceans family Archie [heart],” they posted.

Love The Oceans is a nonprofit organization out of Mozambique that stresses education and conservation for the world’s oceans and sea life. The charity posted several photos of the baby whale shark swimming in the ocean from several angles. The unusual sea creature looks to have dots on his head and a flat snout.

Fans of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex gushed at how sweet it was for the organization to name the sea creature after Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. Love The Oceans used the post to announce their “Adopt a Whale Shark” campaign to raise more funds for the organization.

“LoveTheOceans (LTO) is launching its ‘Adopt a Whale Shark’ campaign, enabling people to adopt an individual whale shark. The donation will support their continued research to protect these gentle giants.”

LTO shared that the support from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex helped them gain more Instagram followers and additional donors, who bought more than 45 Whale Shark Adoption packs. They also said thank you to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for their generosity in helping them raise the money necessary to build a community pool to teach local villagers the lifesaving skill of swimming, which is critical to avoid drownings.

Prince Harry was first brought to Mozambique as a child by his mother, Princess Diana, who worked there on a project to eliminate minefields. He continues his mother’s work as part of the Halo project.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex plan to continue highlighting valuable nonprofits in the months to come.