Salma Hayek Says To Use Honey To ‘Taste Good’ & Shares Other Kissing Tips

Cary PennyGetty Images

Salma Hayek sent her Instagram followers into a frenzy on Friday when she shared a two minute video clip of herself revealing all of her juicy kissing secrets.

“You wait for him to stick his tongue in your mouth, and you kind of suck with it,” Hayek explained during the beginning of the video clip.

During the interview with W Magazine, Hayek also opened up about her very first kiss. She proceeded to go into a great amount of detail about all of the hilarious and awkward advice her friends gave her about the right and wrong ways to kiss.

Hayek revealed that her boyfriend at the time, when she was just 15-years-old, had given her a deadline on their first kiss. He had told her that if they didn’t kiss before the three month mark of their relationship, he would break up with her.

So, Salma sought out the advice of her friends as the deadline approached.

At the time, the best advice Hayek decided to go with was making sure her mouth tasted good. She explained that even if she ended up being a bad kisser, the individual she was kissing at the time could at least enjoy the fact that her mouth tasted good.

When the three month deadline was closing in, Salma decided to lather her lips in honey before she kissed her boyfriend. She, however, learned that she had wasted a lot of time stressing over her first kiss. The honey had also been a waste of her time as she was a natural.

Toward the end of the video clip, Salma urged girls to use caution if they decided to use honey to sweeten their lips. She revealed that she burned her lips and ended up with ants biting her face because of how sweet her lips were. When she asked her boyfriend what she tasted like after the kiss, however, he did confirm she tasted like honey.

In just 24 hours, Hayek’s kissing video has been viewed over 1 million times, with just shy of 5,000 people taking the time to leave a comment.

Many of her followers were quick to share their own first kiss experiences in the comments.

Several of her followers noted that she could have a nice career in stand-up comedy if she decided she didn’t want to be an actress anymore.

“You need your own show, just to tell your stories you always have been an amazing story teller,” one of her fans chimed in.