Tomb Raider Tallies 1M Players In Two Days

Tomb Raider needed just two days to tally 1 million players. The much hyped reboot of the classic video game series launched on Tuesday and less than 48 hours later managed to have more than one million people trying out the new Lara Croft.

Game publisher Square Enix has announced the impressive number with a tweet in which it said, “Wow, 1 million gamers playing in less than 48 hours! Tomb Raider fans, you’re AMAZING. Hearing some stores are running low… more copies are on the way.”

This new reboot allows gamers to play as Lara when she was just coming into her own as a Tomb Raider. That is diametrically opposed to the older versions of the game where you played as a character who clearly already knew how to do everything you needed on your adventures.

Much has been made of the fact that you actually need to help this version of Croft learn how to shoot a bow and arrow by hunting for food. You are also present when the young title character makes her first, unfortunate kill.

The game is seizing on the huge popularity by already announcing when some fresh DLCs will be made available. Among the additions coming in the DLC will be three new multiplayer arenas to fight in.

Crystal Dynamics is going to be trying to cash in on the popularity of the title by working with GK Films on the movie reboot as well. While Angelina Jolie has long been thought of as the big screen version of Lara Croft, she won’t be a part of the new titles.

Much like the video game, the movie will feature a new, younger Croft who will have to be learning her way along her chosen profession. Most reports indicate that the game will work side by side with the movie.

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