WWE News: ‘NXT UK’ Superstar Opens Up About Not Wanting To Move To America


NXT UK superstar Walter is one of the hottest prospects in WWE. As the current champion of the show, the company is presenting him as one of the next big things in sports entertainment. He’s also been on an undefeated streak since making his debut back in January, which shows that the company wants to make him look strong.

With his monstrous physique and impressive in-ring talent, he has all the tools that WWE officials look for in a main event star. There’s no reason to believe that he couldn’t go on to win the Universal Championship someday, as WWE is known to appreciate performers with imposing physical attributes. In addition to his standout appearance and talent between the ropes, he’s also good on the mic and has an interesting character.

The company probably wants to move Walter to the main roster at some point, but his refusal to relocate might be an issue down the line. Quoting an interview with talkSPORT, 411Mania writes that he’s not interested in moving abroad at the time of this writing.

“Moving to America is not for me. American lifestyle is not for me. No, I couldn’t imagine that. When it comes to that, I stay where I am. But, I am able to get on an airplane.”

Given the volume of dates WWE main roster superstars are required to work, Walter would be required to spend a substantial portion of his time on American soil. However, WWE is an international brand, so there’s no doubt that he’d get to spend a lot of time in his home continent of Europe as well.

The interview also saw Walter discuss his recent match with Pete Dunne, which garnered heaps of critical acclaim in the internet wrestling community. The big man described the match as one of his career highlights so far.

Perhaps more interesting to the diehard fans, however, is how he feels about wrestling Cesaro. The “Swiss Superman” appeared at last week’s NXT Takeover: Cardiff event, and his showing has made fans want to see him return to the UK in the near future. Walter is also open to the idea.

“He started at the place I did in Germany — WXW — but he left for America before I started there. So there would be good background to that. Besides that, I’ve gotten to know him, he’s a great guy and one of the finest professional wrestlers in the company.”

Even though he plays a monstrous heel on television, Walter comes across as one of the most respectful and down-to-earth superstars in the company.