'Teen Mom 2' Star Kailyn Lowry Talks 'Saving' Name For Future Daughter: 'If I Ever Have One'

Teen Mom 2 fans know that Kailyn Lowry has been open about the possibility of having a daughter in the future. The mom-of-three already has three sons, but she has admitted in the past that she would like to have a little girl.

Recently, Kailyn caught fans by surprise when she posted photos of a pink "it's a girl" sign. After the banner and pink balloons caught the attention of her followers, The Inquisitr reports that Kailyn received "a million DM's." It turns out the reality show star set up the pink decorations for her new puppy, who just so happens to be a girl.

Now, Kail is sharing new details about her puppy and revealing whether the name she gave her girl dog is the name she had hoped to use if she ever had a daughter.

According to Pop Culture, her new dog is a Cane Corso puppy. Kail welcomed the new dog into her home after her Rottweiler, who was named Bear, passed away. Kail was very upset over losing her beloved dog and shared many photos of him with her followers on social media.

The name that Kail chose for her puppy is "Karma." Some fans wondered where the name came from and if perhaps it was the name Kailyn had been "saving" for her future daughter. According to Pop Culture, Kailyn answered some fans' questions during an Instagram question-and-answer session.

"Is Karma the name you were saving for your actual human baby girl??" one fan asked.

Kail replied, "Nope! [I'm] saving my human daughter name for if I ever have one lol."

However, it sounds like Kailyn may not be done having kids just yet.

Kailyn is the mom of three young boys. She was introduced to audiences on her Season 2 episode of 16 and Pregnant. On the show, she found out she was pregnant with her oldest son. She and Jo Rivera, the father of her oldest son, tried to make their relationship work. The two eventually went their separate ways, and Kail moved on with Javi Marroquin. Their relationship was shown on Teen Mom 2, and the two married and had one son together. They divorced in 2017, and Kail gave birth to her third son.

Teen Mom 2 will be returning for an all-new season next month. Kailyn will be returning along with the rest of the cast. Fans can tune in on Tuesday, September 10 to catch the new episodes.