‘Shameless’ Begins Second Half Of Season 10 Production & Fans Can’t Wait

Brian Bowen SmithShowtime

Shameless fans have been all over social media searching for the latest scoop and spoiler since Emma Kenney revealed on Twitter that production of Season 10 was underway back in June.

Emma Kenney, Shanola Hampton, Noel Fisher, and the official Shameless Instagram account have all been very generous about dropping Season 10-related snaps and video clips since production began.

On Friday, Hampton took to Instagram to tease her 1.1 million followers that she and the rest of the cast were kicking off the production of the second half of Season 10. Shanola (who plays Veronica in the Showtime series) admitted that she couldn’t believe they were already working on Episode 7 of the series.

Based on Hampton’s short video clip, fans can now assume Season 10 will be just 14 episodes long.

In a bit of a singing tone, Shanola also gushed that she couldn’t wait for fans of the series to see what was in store for everyone during Season 10.

The short video clip accumulated just shy of 50,000 views and nearly 100 comments as fans admitted they were just as excited as Shanola was about the new season.

One of her fans even jested that they wondered what Vee (her character in the series) and Shanola would converse about if they were sitting in the vehicle she was in while filming the short clip.

Many fans admitted that they have begun to binge through the entire Showtime series as they prepare for the release of Season 10. For those looking for a way to watch previous seasons of Shameless, it was just last week that The Inquisitr confirmed Netflix released Season 9 into their library. The streaming giant also houses the eight previous seasons of the series. Unfortunately, fans will have to subscribe to Showtime (or purchase it as an add-on through Hulu or Amazon Video) to watch Season 10 of Shameless.

The video clip reveal comes just three days after Shanola also shared a clip of Lip welcoming his new baby into the world.

It features Lip nearly in tears as he says hello to his child. Several members of his family enter the room to see the baby. Frank also takes a low blow at Lip by questioning if he’s sure the baby is his.

Shameless Season 10 is slated to premiere on November 3 only on Showtime. The network, however, is notorious about dropping the new episode into the streaming library just after midnight on the day it is scheduled to air.