Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Julian Learns The Full Truth From Brad About ‘Wiley’

Craig SjodinABC

New General Hospital spoilers are providing clarity into some big developments coming next week, and these are juicy. Brad is becoming increasingly frantic over keeping the truth about Wiley’s true identity hidden, but he’s going to finally tell someone the truth: Julian.

The new print edition of Soap Opera Digest shares the scoop. In the coming days, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Brad will head to Charlie’s and he will see Sonny there. Of course, Brad is rattled by Sonny’s presence since “Wiley” is really Michael’s son. Sonny could pose a significant danger to Brad when and if he learns that Brad knew the truth all this time.

After Sonny leaves, Brad will tell Julian that Obrecht is a big, lingering problem with the baby situation. General Hospital spoilers share that Julian won’t be rattled until he learns that Obrecht knows the truth – and that the truth is much more than Brad had previously shared.

Brad will admit that Obrecht is the one who delivered the baby. This quickly leads to Brad admitting that the baby is really Nelle’s biological son, not some random homeless woman’s. Of course, Julian puts the puzzle pieces together from there and now knows that “Wiley” is Michael’s supposedly dead son, Jonah, and that Brad and Nelle lied all this time.

Parry Shen, who plays Brad, explains his character’s thinking. He notes that Brad didn’t originally admit the tie to the Corinthos family as he figured Julian might not have helped him if he realized how big this was. Things are getting more difficult for Brad by the day at this point, and he felt too desperate to handle this on his own.

“[T]he walls are closing in, and Julian has been so supportive and helpful at every turn – there really was no other option but to have him fully in on the whole secret.”

Julian’s reaction will be “a combination that segues from utter shock to betrayal to the slow realization that this is Sonny’s grandchild,” teases Shen.

It doesn’t sound as if Brad will be entirely contrite here. General Hospital spoilers indicate that he’ll warn Julian that if Obrecht spills the beans, Julian himself will be seen as an accomplice for helping Brad cover it all up.

Viewers will also see Brad admit to Julian that he’s the one who shoved Obrecht off of the Haunted Star during Elizabeth and Franco’s wedding reception.

Brad will push Julian to utilize his mob connections to do away with Obrecht. Brad’s thinking is that if Obrecht is gone, all of his problems evaporate at last.

Of course, this isn’t true, as Nelle still knows the truth. Not only that, but as The Inquisitr shared, Nelle is up to something when it comes to Jonah, Shiloh, and Shiloh’s belief that Wiley is his biological son.

Based on the General Hospital spoilers provided by SheKnows Soaps, Julian will take some time to think about all of this before agreeing to help Brad. A conversation with Ava will give him pause, and he’ll reach out to Alexis to discuss something.

Brad will be pressuring Julian for an answer, and General Hospital spoilers tease that Julian will land on a bold decision of some kind during the show airing on Monday, September 16. Obrecht will be asking for more from Brad at this point, too, and it sounds as if things are going to get messy.

Will Julian use his connections to actually kill off Obrecht? It seems doubtful that’ll actually happen, if for no other reason than the fact that viewers of the show love actress Kathleen Gati, who plays Obrecht. Julian may try to help to some extent, though, and additional General Hospital spoilers with more specifics should be available soon.