Instagram Model Pamela Alexandra Gives Fans An Eyeful Of Her Curves In Black Lingerie

Pamela Alexandra is sizzling in black.

The curvy model took to Instagram this week to post a picture showing off all her curves in some incredibly revealing black lingerie. The pictures drew a huge response from Pamela's followers, prompting close to 80,000 likes in just a few hours and plenty of comments about her amazing curves.

"Incredibly fine!!!!!" one person wrote.

"Wow so so beautiful," another added.

In the caption for the shot, Pamela bragged about her comfortable couch that was featured in the photo and told followers that they wouldn't want to leave the house if they had it. Perhaps predictably, fans thought that having her in the house would be the much better scenario.

Pamela's willingness to show off her body, curves and all, has earned her an ever-growing group of very devoted fans. Pamela flaunts that she doesn't fit the once traditional mold of the rail-thin model, proudly showing off a body that's more curves than edges. Her un-retouched photos often earn praise from her followers and have earned Pamela some viral interest in the celebrity news world.

It's likely a lucrative career move as well. Pamela frequently shares sponsored posts for plus-size fashion lines, a niche that she seems to hit perfectly. While it's not clear just how much money Pamela might be making from her modeling, industry experts suggest that it could be very, very good for her. As online marketing firm DigiDay noted, Instagram models and other influencers are paid based on how big a following they have amassed. The general standard across the industry is to pay $1,000 for every 100,000 followers the influencer has, so Pamela can make upward of $25,000 with a single post. With Pamela sharing many sponsored posts each week, she is likely earning a comfortable salary.

There is also the side benefit of getting to travel the world. Pamela shares pictures from a number of sun-soaked destinations, including trips to Miami and Italy this summer for her modeling work.

The model's 2.5 million followers are used to seeing all kinds of revealing pictures from the model, as Pamela uses her Instagram feed to showcase a number of fashion and swimwear brands to flaunt her killer curves. Swimsuits and lingerie seem to be her wheelhouse, with Pamela posting near-daily pictures of herself modeling skimpy swimwear and other revealing attire.Those who want to see more from Pamela Alexandra can check out her Instagram feed.